Love is our new reality

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Our Galactic Family via Shining Star, November 28th

Our Galactic Family

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Channel: Shining Star


A message to the people: The Voice of Love


Listen to the voice of love that exists within you, within me, yes, it is within all of us, regardless of our gender or nationality. We all have the gift to be born with the Voice of Love within us, if we only dare and want to listen to it. Often it is very weak, since we do not think we are worth it. The belief that we must fulfill certain requirements in order to be worthy of it – all of this belong to the illusion.

Love is your and my birthright regardless of who you are or where you come from. We all want to experience it. Many seek it outside of themselves, unawares that first you have to find it within one’s own heart first in order to experience and see the Love in one’s sisters and brothers. The key to your own heart you own yourself. Many are not aware of this. They believe that if only I find the right partner in life who loves me then Love will blossom.

Love is a gift that we all have within us – A gift we need to care for with tenderness and joy. Where there is love no wars or hate exist. Hate comes from fears, and Love and fears cannot be combined. However, it is sufficient if one lets go of the fear and opens up the heart, let the Love shine out to see the good that exists behind the mask of fear.

Fear is our major obstacle to experience Love. If we meet the eye of fear we will discover that it will fade away. Maybe many tears will pour out. These are tears that need to be shed, which are as an obstacle for the Light of Love. An open heart shines from the Light of Love for the joy of all that can receive it.

Each one of us is responsible for the love in our hearts – The importance of care for one’s heart, to take care of oneself, listen to the inner voice that speaks to us about how we need to provide care and love to ourselves, not to forget to breathe – just to be. Do what gives us joy and harmony, let the heart dance with the song of love. Allow yourself to listen to the music from other nations. See the love in their eyes, hear how the music opens up their hearts. Sing – dance – share the joy with them. All of this gives togetherness – Love – Unity.

Know that shared Joy – Love becomes like a catapult that throws out LoveLight to all of Mother Earth. Mother Earth is as all our Mothers who give of their Love wherever you are on this planet. Let us all, small as well as large, regardless of where you live join as one big Family where all choose to live with Love in their hearts. Respect our sisters’ and brothers’ similarities and dissimilarities. We all have the same goal to be Loved, Live in Freedom and Prosperity.


Everything starts in your heart.

Know in your heart that you are

Loved and Valued

Just by being whom you are

Here and now

Shining Star






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.