Love is our new reality

Franciscus via Beatrice Madsen, November 1, 2018


November 1, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


I am going to give you an exercise, but first we will talk a bit about it. We are going to go deeper into the concept of love. The supporting force is she – the love. Love – the love. There are so many illusions about her.

If you for a moment found yourself on my side you should see that her essence, effect and impact is in a different way that you have thought, very often. There are so many perceptions, semblances and ideas about her. So many new semblances, illusions and ideas are actually created the whole time about this force. It can be hard to get your arms around it and often work is required to get there – many times requiring blood sweat and tears. As you raise your frequency it means you reach a higher caliber, which in turn leads to how the more coarse suffering essence has worked itself out from inside you. You react to less stimuli and do not then need the powerful friction your souls earlier required in order to develop the power of love. Some of you can feel this powerfully already. It can manifest as you being more sound and light sensitive. You want to retreat from drama and most often you can see through the quest of the ego for confirmation with others. You also realize that your shadow is directly mirrored back to you when what you work it out – and this as it should be.

In your part of the world it has during a longer time existed a persistent requirement of perfection. You have to be better than somebody else and preferably the best, more beautiful and preferably the most beautiful, stronger than somebody else and preferably the strongest. The surface, the attraction has been confounded with love power and some of you have in your strong drive to become loved put down more and more money and effort to become lovable and thus loved. Your competition has now reached its climax and you compete about everything and find gradations that give you a certain feeling of security in a paradigm that is falling apart. You have all chosen to participate in this purgatory in order to deeply understand that this is a love illusion.

Your real teachers in love are among the small children and the souls that have chosen to incarnate with physical handicaps. None of them are stuck in their surface. They live completely by every second feeling the true power of love. As they are so dependent on it they are also very vulnerable when it does flow freely and then a strong frustration is created that they cannot express since they lack words. In this they are guides for the true essence of love.


Still yourself and turn within to your heart’s left chamber for a little bit and feel how your soul is there. Then move up to a mirror and see yourself deeply in your eyes. Feel how the warm, tender love seeps out from your soul to your own soul’s deepest corner. Envision how you walked on your tender Mother Earth life after life after life with the dark mantel over you periodically. You have each time done as well as you were able to – you have fought and sometimes you have lost yourself in the shadows and the illusion, but it has always entailed a longing for the true love. See your blemishes or wrinkles, your small features that are too small or too large, too dark or too light in some illusionary idea. Light through! Shed a tear of love over your long wandering in the kingdom of shadows and finally hug your lacerated soul. Tell yourself that you love yourself, just as you are.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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