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Galatril from Atlantis via Ann Dahlberg, January 4th, 2018

Galatril from Atlantis

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Galatril and I am grateful for the opportunity to come back today. I have happy news to tell you. Since last time that I spoke with you several visitors have arrived to Atlantis. They became impressed by our work and many have become healed from their traumatic experiences. Some have come back time after time since the trauma they have experienced have left deep scars in their soul. It has been wonderful to meet and help so many people and many of them have in one way or another had a connection to Atlantis. We have filled some halls now, but there is space for many more. There is great joy among us on Atlantis as we now have the opportunity to help and meet so many of you. It is a dream being fulfilled. Here in Atlantis there is a precious stone that has a wonderful influence on your emotional life and it can heal all that comes across its path if one has the right feeling and intent for it. It is a holy stone and it can only be used for good intentions. It can even get you to grow in trust and consciousness. It has always been a powerful stone with great and unique properties. When the consciousness of humanity fell its unique properties where capsuled into the stone and unreachable for all that could not carry its power. Some have been saved into Atlantis and regained their unique abilities. However, a good healer can make reappear its unique healing ability. For these abilities it is required that one is a fully conscious being and one with everything.

We have healing temples in Atlantis where these precious crystals are. They are placed in a certain pattern that benefits the whole both in yourselves and the world you live in. When you visit this temple you will feel its power and receive the healing you need. The temples consist of white marble and are decorated with marvelous flowers and greens. We will show you around and give you the help and information you need. We also have animals here in Atlantis – animals who live protected and in harmony with each other. They live in a beautiful nature environment and there are opportunities to go and visit them. It is a fantastic colorful nature with all sorts of colors and plants, flowers and animals, for instance large colorful butterflies. You will love it. I am sure of that. We also use a completely different technology from what you are used to. Most of it is built with the help of the crystal energy, but there is also much else that will be interesting to look at. The quantum energy is infinite and it can be used in many different ways.

I look forward to more visits. It was so much fun to have you here. We also wish that more would come to visit us. Atlantis is a beautiful oasis in your world, just like Telos and we are here for you and the world you live in. We help you in all the ways that we can and have permission to do. Our world is open for you and you are welcome here whenever you feel you want to make nightly visit. There is much that we can teach you and help you with. There is also much that you can teach us. We learn all the time from each other and you should know that you are much loved. Your visits are always dearly longed for.

I am Galatril and I look forward to meeting you.

In gratitude,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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