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God via Angel Skog, January 4th, 2019

God via Angel Skog

January 4th, 2019


Dear Children. I know you are tired and that the journey has been long. You have been separated from me for eons of time. Like a proud father I let you depart from my heart. With my loving hand I created your soul and divided it into two – Two aspects that in an integrated whole create my universal energy, consisting of the masculine and the feminine. It is the vibration of the highest essence that in a subtle dance is creating the constancy of cosmological eternity.

I can see you my beautiful child. With my God’s loving eyes I have followed you from lifetime to lifetime on different planets with different missions and goals. I have seen you disappear from me when you have dived into the darkest of darkness. However, the darkness is me and you have always been safe in my heart and the hand that separate you from me. With my loving and beating heart I have known you when you at the top of your mountain called on me and together we have had victories, loved, died and become reborn.

My beloved child, the time is now here to again wake up to your full truth. To your help you have your higher self – the aspect of yourself that carries the energy of your soul’s energy from the highest level that you have attained during this time of separation from me. However, dear child, you will go higher than this – you will again remember that your heart was created from mine. In my hand where you were created and separated to the two aspects of your soul you will now again be reunited with the other energy aspect of your soul’s unique vibration.

Together and united you have the highest truth and can embody it in your whole being. Through this reunion you can be the purest expression of me, without completely returning to my heart. You will regain your full power and fulfill the soul purpose that we together crafted in your blueprint.

Be not afraid beloved children, but embrace yourselves. It is time to come home now and no power is stronger than mine, the will of God, burning together in our heart.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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