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Pellas Athena via Ann Dahlberg, January 3d, 2019

Pellas Athena – Goddess of Wisdom

January 3d, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am the Goddess of Wisdom and I want to say a few words today. You are all wise and sage men and women deep in your hearts. You have just forgotten to listen to yourselves – forgotten to listen to the intuition that you carry in your bodies. The instinct is part of this, but there is also a higher intuition that can guide in the right direction so that you will find what it is you are looking for. This intuition rests in your heart until you are ready to bring it forth. It is looking for you and if you are willing to look for it you will find each other. It takes some courage to follow your intuition – it only follows its own path. It cannot compromise with itself. It follows its higher guidance and what is written is said. It finds the right path among all the thickets and shrubs and it can see the goal in front of it. The intuition is wise and sage and surrounds itself with a sea of light. It is this light that you should follow, dear children. The light within you brings you to the goal of your heart.

Intuition is growing stronger in humans today – more and more have sought after and found their wayshower in life. It has made it possible for others less conscious people to find their way home to themselves and to wake up to who they are – A child of God with abilities of wisdom and love, which they already are spreading on Earth. We can see this and your world have started to recognize this. Slowly but surely light after light are lit that shines the light on the darkness a little everywhere.

It is when the wisdom (intuition) and the heart culminate that a new beginning can start. Such an integration is strong and liberating. A strong joy and strength grows in their bodies and they are spreading further out in the world. They carry out their tasks with confidence and love, as they now can see where they belong and which goals they have in front of them. They work slowly and methodically with the help of their intuition and their heart, which is connected to their higher self, which in turn is in touch with the higher spheres of light.

It is a large transformation that is under way on Earth. It starts within yourselves and then spreads outwards to everything it gets in touch with. The transformation of your planet is going through the same process even she naturally is a step ahead of you. Her transformation impacts your bodies and vice versa. Together you raise consciousness of love and wisdom in a constant flowing wave.

Now, be the wise men and women that you are deep inside and follow your intuition and love into the era of light that now has started on Earth. It will require some time, some reflections, a few quite moment of listening in order to hear your inner voice and from there, dare to stand up and follow it. Let your own tangled feelings fall back in favor of a more peaceful, more quite whispering from your heart. I believe in your ability and I will strengthen the intuition and the wisdom in your heart so that you will understand and will hear a clearer voice from inside you – A voice that makes you understand that this is the path you should follow

I thank you for being heard and wish you all much luck in your seeking.

I have faith in your. I love you. I am the Goddess of Wisdom.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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