Love is our new reality

The Warriors of Light and Love via Karen Vivenzio, December 31st, 2018


The Warriors of Light and Love via Karen Vivenzio

Child of light, heaven and earth are moving closer together tonight – literally and figuratively we speak to you now dear one. We have been many eons waiting for this to occur. Slowly you have taken up the mantle for miracles to occur. The misdeeds and miscreations of the past are circling around no more – final round to explore and release and move on in new accord, new agreements bounding you no longer to your past, the wheel of karma has expired, time to move on into new territory – new agreements, new lifetimes many more to explore. Full of light and grace and love – harmony, balance – this is the world you have been dreaming of. The inner majesty of a thousand suns lighting up the world in the name of love. That is what we see now for you all dear ones.

For you have all graduated from the school of hard knocks to the one of love.

Grace and beauty abound all around you dear one.

Know that whatever comes up is on its way out. Out of love for you, we have tempered the hostilities and made way for new ground.

Fresh and pure, the atrocities no more.

Allow yourselves to rest and heal and know that we are supporting you. Holding you, lifting you up, bathing your soul in the light of love, harmony, peace, and grace. Souls have been renewed. Blessings bestowed, it is up to you to walk the final road – crossing the bridge to the brand new world.

Ho. We welcome you. For you have been here with us all along simply dreaming a bad dream and now it is gone. Blessings. Peace. Light. Love. Welcome dear ones. We have been waiting for you. It has all been a dream and now it is done. Time to wake up into the world we have just begun.

We are the Warriors of Light and Love and you are our soldiers dear ones. Lightworkers and the ones you love, be in harmony in this season dear ones. A new journey has now begun. Wake up and embrace it in the spirit of love.

Let it all go

Let the love now flow

Full of hope for the brand new day

Finding love in brand new ways

For this is the journey, you have travelled so far

No one left behind

Simply raised the bar

Door is now open

Walk on through

Dreamtime is calling to you

Pulling you through

Rest and re-member

The way to come home

Through the hearts on your sleeves and the memories of love

So sweet and true

We welcome you

Blessings dear ones, re-join us in the re-membrance of love, the spirit of unity and the holy trinity now dear ones


With love and light, Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio, author Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s Time to Embrace the Divine in YOU!!

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