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Goddess Disa via Ann Dahlberg, September 19th, 2018

Goddess Disa

Tuesday, September 19th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Disa and I have been with you since the beginning. I am the water that surrounds you – the source that you drink from. I am the rain that falls down on you and the reason for the shifting tides. I am the Goddess of water – an energy that is required by all things living on Earth. All the beings that are in water help me with this task. It pains me to see how many of these beings in lakes and oceans have been used solely for profits. It has led to an unbalance in the structure of water and the clean and clear water that has been here since the beginning is no longer so clean and clear. They battle hard my water beings, but they have a tough job. They need help from you dear Earthlings to clear out all the trash that you have dumped in lakes and oceans.

I gratefully see humans who fight for the survival of different species and people who assist lakes and oceans to feel a bit better. However, a massive effort from humanity is needed in order to get everything clean and clear as it once was. A unifying brother and sister-hood would be of great assistance for out planet as it looks now. Do you have the ability to put to rest all conflicts and battle a bit for your planet, what do you think? The water needs your help! The air needs your help! The earth needs your help! So, please dear humanity be kind enough to wake up now and make an effort for your Earth that has taken care of you for so long.

We are many who are here and stand ready to help, so you are not along, but the initiative needs to come from you. I am with all of you who in different ways try to help the ocean’s animals and plants to survive, regardless of if you protect animals or plants or clean up in the oceans. Everything that is picked up and cleaned away, regardless of how small, is a big gesture towards Mother Earth and all of her beings who help her. We can all do something, even if it only is to take care of our own trash. Your thoughts of compassion for animals and nature are worth much more than you think. You spread this caring around you and Nature and Earth feel your love. All positive energy is strong energy, that gives hope and spread circles of love in the air, in the water and the Earth.

At one time many thousands of years ago I lived on Earth as Queen Disa. I was the queen to my people and I taught them how to interact with animals and nature. I read the signs in nature and used these powers. Everything was for the good of the people and the nature I resided in. I was honored and loved and people came from far away to share in my knowledge. This knowledge still exists in places, but it is hidden away and it is not allowed to be used. It can only be brought forward again for good purposes and for the good of humanity. This is of course concerning all that is growing on our dear Mother Earth, including air and water that you cannot be without for any long period of time. You yourselves consist of a large percentage of water and air. So think carefully dear Earthlings and start to take the steps that are needed in order to clean up your Earth again. You are getting all the help you need for this honorable task. I walk with you. I watch over you. This is so important for me – for our Earth and for you now.

These are the end times and your will is our law. We cannot disregard your will, but we can influence you to do what is true and right. The light is stronger now dear friends. Our Mother Earth has turned to the light and you are influenced daily by the clear light that now is shining on your Earth. Let it shine on you and let it open up your heart so that you can see and understand what is most important in your life. Yes, that is of course a clean and beautiful earth with fresh water. It is then that you receive healing and healthy bodies and can follow your heart’s wishes in love and beauty.

I let fine drops of dew clean your minds, so that you may see and understand who you are and where you are going.

I am the Mother of Life. I am the Goddess of Water. I am Disa.

I send you my greatest love.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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