Love is our new reality

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Goddess Pele via Galaxygirl | December 6, 2023

Goddess Pele via Galaxygirl | December 6, 2023

Pele 12/6/2023

Aloha. I am the goddess of fire, of light, of the deep and mighty fire portals that burrow into Gaia. I am Pele. I see you with the fiery eyes of one who has walked through fire and overcome it – for I am of it. I am one with all things. Fire is my choice element. You humans reading are much stronger than you have been told, and I see with eyes of wisdom, that we are Ohana, that we are all a part of this great circle of the all. We are family.

I Pele am speaking. The fire burns deep and clear, it purifies. It creates diamond caverns. It changes landscapes as it cools. Nothing is the same. (She is showing an erupting volcano, with lava streaming down and cooling becoming black lava rock.) Lava rock is sharp. It cuts one’s feet if one does not take great care when walking over it. It is hard, sturdy, like you, young ones. Like you. You are hard and sturdy enough for this journey has been a long one. And yet you walk onward. You keep walking to see the beautiful view at the end of the turn. There is always a view where you are. You need not be on the mountain top to see a view. The view is within and all around you. Inner view must be kept clear so that one can see. The inner landscape can be jungle and chaos or a clear mountain view within. Inside the human heart much can be seen. I Pele see. I see your hearts. I see the growth, the confusion. I see the beauty of you. I see the light that you hold within your heart chakra. I see it burn brightly, like my lava burns brightly. You are like me. We light the way. We see the light and we breathe it, bringing light to the others. It is the way of the light, to spread, to shine, to be. And to change. We change the landscape where we are. Just as my mighty volcanos change the landscapes so too does the light rearrange, purge, fortify, cleanse. The light is all that is. The light is the everything.

I Pele have seen many moons, many summers, many seasons pass by my tall mountain. I am a part of the inner network of magma chambers that traverse Gaia. We are all connected. The lava is like her blood. The oil is her lymph. We together form the fluid passages of her body. We volcanoes are conscious. We hold information, we see with truth. We respond to the changing energies, frequencies. We respond to the human collective. And yet you can calm us. The intention of the Source filled human is mighty one. It is as master Yeshua said, you can move mountains. This one calmed the Icelandic volcano. It is possible for all to do this with intention. Love is the balancing force. As the energies are topsy turvy, and choppy like the ocean waters on a rough sea, send peace, love, calm. You are calming in this way to those around you. This is why you are spread apart. You are on assignment for your mission, Mission Ascension Gaia. It is a mighty mission.

I Pele hold the light of the dark inner places that I blaze with my light, that I blaze with my own inner glory. Your own inner glory is being revealed. Do not shy away from your destiny. It is the destiny of one filled with light to shine. Just as a volcano cannot help but burst forth with light, so you too are shining. I see you and I feel your willingness to embrace who you are. It is time.

Aloha. I Pele am speaking with great warmth, with love to my light family. Rough waters are around. Great steam occurs when the choppy waves meet the lava. And yet the lava becomes something more. The lava becomes rock cooled by sea water. True alchemy. You are alchemizing your world. Your inner worlds will reflect the outer. It is time for the outer to be made manifest. For miracles to occur you must believe them, in their possibility you must be open. The old world is crumbling like ash in the wind. The ash coats and yet it nourishes the soil.

I Pele send you my fiery activation of love, of light. It is the time of third eye awakening. I awaken your third eye. I place a hot coal on your third eye, opening with embers from the inner earth, the inner awakenings are coming forward. The inner must match the outer.

I Pele embrace you with warm motherly affection. You are my Ohana. You are my family. It is time. Listen to the call of the wind of your heart. Feel the heaving of the earth. Feel the power of the wind. Feel the change. It is you. Mighty mountains, are you. Like me, we can promote change. I heal, I hold space. You are doing this for the others, for your friends, for your Ohana, you are doing this. Do not be ashamed of who you are. You are doing great work.

Great rest is needed in the Lightworkers collective. Even volcanoes rest. Feel the space of me, the presence of me. Rest in my shadow, in my embrace. Meditating with me deep within the magma chambers is most welcome. It is an excellent place for creation. It is like the void to me. Where all is one and all is nothing, where all is light and all is space. Just like you can tap into the pyramids and their energy, the energies of Gaia’s volcanoes active and inactive cannot be underestimated. We are never inactive. There is always action. The presence of being, is action, it is the act of love of holding space for another.

I am Pele. I hold space for you. I see you. I love you. I welcome you. I am sending you my energy of hope and renewal, of great power and purpose. All is well. I did not say all is easy. It is not. But all is well and all will be most well. Be at peace. I am Pele.

~ galaxygirl