Love is our new reality

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Higher Council Of Light: What you Need to Know to move Forward in Joy December 8, 2023

Higher Council Of Light: What you Need to Know to move Forward in Joy

by Nadina Boun

You don’t need to know anything. Human beings like to know, but there are times when the less you know the better. Because if you want to be a creator, then you don’t want to know, you want to create, you see. When you know, you go with what you know, you begin to expect what you now know. But when you step into your position of creator, you don’t need to know anything except what you want to create.

An employee would want to know what to produce, they follow instructions. You are not an employee of the universe. You are a benefactor and so you can ask rather than be told.

There’s nothing you need to know. What is it you want to create for yourself is what you need to know for yourself if anything. The future is always the unknown, but you can make it a little known by sowing the seeds of what you expect to see and experience tomorrow. How do you sow those seeds? You must have them first, like any seed you want to plant in the ground, you must first have them in hand. That means you look inside for those seeds you want to sprinkle out. The one seed you are contains all the seeds manifest out there. She’s the mother of all seeds.

You give praise to everything. You bless everything. You find something to love in everything. And in that state of appreciating and praising and loving, you are dropping seeds and you are opening yourself to receive like seeds in return. So the unknown is not so much unknown when you take the time to define it, to think about how you want to experience it and you begin now most importantly.

Most people want to wait for evidence, for proof, before they begin to appreciate, but you can do it the other way around as well. You can begin to appreciate and love right here and now and when evidence turns up you can say you are already there.

There’s no need to know anything except how you feel in this very moment, for that’s the platform you are jumping from into the next experience which is your future anyways. The future is the next moment in time as much as it can be ten years from now. To live your life happily ever after is to live your life happy moment to moment.

That’s the key, the secret if there is any, that will allow you to receive everything you have ever asked for. Joy is literally the path and anything that is not of joy is resistance along the path. It can be as easy and simple as that. There are many happy people out there who don’t need to know anything because they are too busy living in the now, that their attention is not scattered over there, and as they fully embrace their now, they receive more and more to enjoy.

At the end of this journey, the amount of joy you feel is all you take with you, and if you have not lived a life of joy, you would want to come back to try again. But if you leave fulfilled, joyful, full with every experience you want to have, at peace with yourself and the world, then there is no need to come back and do it again. And while everything is transitioning to the next level, there is still an earth that has not transitioned yet for those who want to come back and play again.

For many people, this is their last incarnation they say, but if this is to be true then you must begin to live in joy so you have no regrets when you exit the playground, no attachments, no desires unfulfilled.

Think of a lover and think of earth as a lover. You keep coming back to that lover because you want to make it right between you two. You keep coming back because you want to experience the joy you know is possible between you and this lover. Why not begin now by turning to all that is of joy and live happily ever after so when the final transition happens, you choose the next level rather than change your mind at the last minute. And with that, you have everything you need to live your life joyfully.