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Guardians of the Light via Karen Vivenzio, December 23d, 2018


Guardians of the Light via Karen Vivenzio

Child of light we are here with you walking you through the darkest night of the soul – dear one, we hear your pleas for help. Please know that you are not alone. The darkness of the tunnel is coming to a close. Full light shining on ahead, please continue to walk the final moments in peace and gratitude for all that you have learned and all that the world has to offer you. We are shadowing the light right now, in the midst of the conflicts and controversy, know that is not the truth, the truth is shining ahead of you, you just need to keep on walking your talk and bringing the light on through. Breathing the light on through you. Take steps to keep your energy attuned to the highest of vibrations and know that you are not alone. We are shining myriads of prismed light through all corridors of space and time to reach you when you are most in need. We are sending the light and have never stopped loving you. We are the Guardians of the light and we have observed / watching you over time and space since the beginning of the concepts you now call life and we wish to tell you we will make it all right. All of the topsy turvy energies of time will collapse in an instant and you will be swept into a new reality of your own making before you even know it. Come to know yourself from deep within. Brush out the dust and the turmoil from the corners / darkest recesses of your minds and allow us the space to shine more light through you from the inside out that is how this change will come about. We need your help. Please give us permission to do what is right and to set the stage for receiving the most consciousness of light / life. It is not about destroying what is not right, it is about transmuting and transforming from a space of love into more love and light.

We wish you many blessings in your journey to the light and the life you have so desired for many many lifetimes. This is your birthright. We are standing by your sides and overlighting the darkest of souls with many many times more light. Know this and take comfort in it. All will be made right. All will be in the blink of an eye. Walking with you toward more light. The world is starting to shine, shine, shine with beauty and grace and ever more light.

Yours in peace and harmony, we are the Guardians of the Light

We have enjoyed connecting with you – meet us on the inside where there grows ever more life, ever more bright.

With Love and Blessings, Karen

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