Love is our new reality

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Jor-El via Börge Höglund, December 10th, 2018


December 10th, 2018

Channel: Börge Höglund

Hello beloved friends on Gaia. It is Jor-El that is coming with a message for you.

Listen to your inside. Open your heart. Live in love, joy and gratitude. Demand your freedom – free from slavery, hunger, poverty, war and violence in all its forms.

By giving out love, light, joy and gifts, not only now during yuletides, but give what you can from what you have.

Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something.

I have said and many others with me – what you give you receive back.

We see how more and more things are falling in place. We see how the NEW ERA is approaching its completion. Remember my friends that we are in advent, according to the Christian teachings, which means waiting for a large event.

The birth of the joy and loving GOLDEN ERA is happening now, but as you all know a birth is not painless, thus the (child) creation need to be well cared for during many years before it can stand on its own.

What you create now is not complete. You lightworkers must be on the alert and take care of all people and animals that need care and help in all kinds of ways – both inside and outside.

Blessed be you who lighten up your world with light that shatters the darkness.

There are many important parts of the creation that each one of you can contribute with, but the effect is multiplied if you in groups focus on cleansing and her change on the way to the fifth dimension – pray that it becomes as peaceful as is possible.

We collaborate for the highest good.

We love you all and we send you infinite unconditional love.

We are closer than you think. We are among you. Some of us you cannot see, because we are at different frequencies.

Some of us have taken a human form in order to make possible physical connection with you.

We are no more than a thought away.


The Galactics




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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