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Saint Francis via Beatrice Madsen, December 22, 2018

Saint Francis

December 22, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

Remember dearest that you have a choice. You always have a choice – the choice to choose what is good for you.

This is relatively new for you as you have earlier been controlled, programmed and enslave you have not have the free choice in the same way. The free choice has in many ways been an illusion as it has been a matter of so many other factors if you have a choice or not. If you had had economic means sufficiently to make use of your creativity, if you had had enough strength depending on how secure you were in your childhood and other circumstances.

Your true essence now wants to come forward within you and get permission to shine and create more freely as it has longed for during all these years of slavery. At the moment when your true self is waking up a range of dangers and traps are lurching on the way. These dangers and traps want to again get your attention and enslave you. They want to say that you are “no good as you are”, you must change yourselves in order to be loved and “do you not understand how stupid you are”.

You, dearest friends, need to understand that you have choices. These days you have an active choice to unselect what is harmful. I, St. Francis, beg of you to unselect what is bad for you. Let your own will direct so that your view is not constantly fed harmful matters. Lift your sight and see heaven’s intensively blue or mat grey nuances – see the stars twinkle to precisely you, one after another.

You have a choice at so many levels, dearest. You can to a degree choose what you want to see and you can to a certain extent choose what you what to think. The more conscious you become regarding having your own choice the more the possibilities present themselves for you to do deeper more actively ethical choices regarding what is good for you and your surroundings.

The heights of Heaven exist for you, oh human. In the hard school of life you have now done loops after loops and now you can finally start to breathe more freely and rejoice in the being of light you actually are.

Now when each bitter truth is revealed, one after another, it is important with your active choices so that you can lift up and shine as the weight is there constantly in your every day life and you do not need more of this kind.

Let light and warmth of the great holiday embrace you in all the deepest levels and then take care of each other, the animals and nature.

Your most solemn brother Francis




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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