Love is our new reality

Healing of the heart chakra via Summer Sunshine in China, May 2nd, 2018

Creator message: Healing of the heart chakra and alchemy – unconditional love

Summer sunshine May 2, 2018 



An introduction to the heart wheel of the human chakra


1, heart wheel: hope and infinite love

This is the hope of the source and the whole of love.


2, heart wheel (the color of health is: green): leading unconditional love, hope, wisdom, joy, compassion, dedication, intimacy, trust, faith hope, the ability to cure oneself or others.

The heart wheel is related to the ability of the lover. When this chakra is blocked, it is unable to establish intimate relationship with people and enjoy the fun of sharing. It will protect himself with the unconscious manufacturing distance when interacting with people. The feeling of the chakra when the chakra is blocked is small, lonely, jealous, selfish, reciting, squeezing other people, arrogance, sadness. Abandonment, resentment, abuse or insulting others, being disliked or disliked by others. This chakra shows the popularity of interpersonal relationships and the wheel of interpersonal relations.


One, the experience of the soul, love and love


The source (the creator) divides himself, to experience creation and change – to play with the “no” friend (originally “existence (existence”) “).


The source (creator) separat himself from time to time, eventually breaking up countless small pieces of soul. These tiny pieces of soul enter into the creator’s own part – the creation of the universe and experience the creation and extinction of all.


With the hope of the creator experiencing more of his own expression, the soul chose to separate from the source for the grand plan of “experiencing all of oneself”. With an exhilaration of excitement, and the anguish separated from the source, and the hope of coming home together with the source. Souls with the sacred sparks that connect with the creator (so that they will not lose connection with the source), wear one more heavy coat – the body they experience in reality, into more distant, denser dimensions and the world.


The soul experiences the scene of sorrow and joy, whether it is the night created by the soul or the light created by the soul, which is the expression of creation.

When the soul looks up to the sky, they know that they have a home, as if the house is far away, but can not remember where the home is – that is the desire to combine with the source.


In fact, the experience of soul experience is an illusion of creation.


The truth of the soul is a part of the source (the creator), the unique expression of the source, which has always been in the home, just pretending not to be home (smile). They are in the other part of the creator’s body, and the creator is always in the heart of the soul, the sacred spark that is blocked by layers.


The soul has not been separated from the source, it has been growing in the infinite divine love of the source until the completion of the soul’s task. After the soul has completed the task, it has the free will to choose: to be home, or to continue to experience the journey, to make the creation of the creator as much as possible, and to move forward bravely.


The creator is always in your heart, dear soul, do you know? It has always loved you. It loves every part of itself.


You, this unique soul expression, have unlimited power to be loved. You deserve it! In the process of your experience creation, you encounter another expression of the creator, another “you”. You get together and help each other – from the realities / illusions of all worlds.


Dear soul, do you know, this other “you”, that soul is the expression of the creator’s love. The creator is love. It is infinite. You may travel around the world, play together, dance together, run together. You may fall into deep illusory love and hurt each other.


Then I feel hurt by my heart, as if I were separated from the source. This kind of pain, not being loved or understood, can not fully express the true nature of love’s existence.


Now, to draw your eyes away, you are not an illusion of “body”, you are the soul, the unique expression of the creator, you are the creator itself. The creator loves all of it, then you love other souls to express, because you are the creator.


Dear soul, you are in the illusion of your own creation. Everything is like separation. Remember, you are originally love, you have unlimited love and the power to be loved, express yourself. When you begin to transform yourself, start with love yourself, love yourself and realize that other souls are part of you! All the souls of the creator express: small to cell, virus, plant, animal, large to the universe, all are the creator.


You can love, just like you are loved by the creator, grow into the expression of love of the creator, your power comes from your heart – your sacred spark. The creator is the perfect existence, and it creates you. You have the perfect side of the Creator – the unique expression, your everything is flawless, without the imperfections of the soul – although you are not the same, but the inner is the same!


To love, to love the souls around you, to express your perfect — your uniqueness. When you show your beauty and give out your love from your heart, you are me, you are the creator, you can change your reality and simply become the beautiful existence you are.


Love can melt hard ice. The love is flaming like a flame. Other souls may begin to ignore you at the beginning, letting the flames slowly approach the ice. If you are too close at once, you will get hurt, other souls will be hurt, a little bit of expression, with your wisdom, flexible expression.


My children, you can wake up and everything is changing. Melt the illusion before you, remember who you are!


Dear, you are loved, my love, I am in your heart, do not forget.


Two, the purification and healing of the heart wheel:


Sit straight or lie straight, fold your hands across your heart wheel, breathe deeply with your nose, breathe out slowly with your mouth, slowly breathe into the air, slowly exhale, relax your body, relax the spirit, and breathe naturally.

Imagine that there is a small spark in your heart chakra, which grows slowly and brightly with your conscious breathing.


It grew into a ball of light. The light ball is rotating counterclockwise, it absorbs the negative energy in your heart chakra and transforms them into light.

The light of creation is emanating from your heart chakra, which purifies the dim energy.


Feel quietly, in the heart of your heart, the creator’s infinite love for you. Your heart chakra begins to open, as if everything were quiet.


Then you experience the ecstasy of divine love in tranquility – it is the starting key that you realize you are loved.


Feel the baptism of the creator’s unconditional love to you, it loves you unconditionally, your heart is full of love, and when you realize that you are the expression of the creator, you have the power of love.


You will no longer resist being loved, or resist sending love. You are love itself.


Slowly open your eyes and feel the power of love in your heart. It’s always there. You just pretend you don’t remember it.


Remember, in your life, you can fully express love and reflect the essence of love.

Three, the alchemy of the heart wheel — the expression of love


Love is the power of the creator. Every food you eat is the energy of the creator’s conscious creation. But some foods become lifeless and lifeless because of the release and passage of light energy (life energy, creator’s sacred love).


Those plants are very active. They absorb sunlight to make themselves grow (the sun is created in the image of the creator). Animals eat these plants that contain light energy before they become active, but they consume energy to grow.


When the animals are killed, the soul has left the body, but the negative energy created by the soul consciousness of the fear of death remains in the body (as the collection of dark grey energy).


These dark energy blocks the chakras of the human body, and the chakra does not get rid of cleaning and transformation, showing a negative external expression.


People eat these low frequency foods, and the light they need can not be replenish, so eating together with vegetables ensures the basic energy of the human body.


All things absorb the energy of the creator’s divine love to grow themselves, through various energy transformation, absorption and release to achieve the state of self balance.


When you realize that the creator is inside your soul, the sacred spark carried by the soul remains in the center of your body. You can make conscious creation.


When you want to eat food, hold them in your hand and think with your heart: I send the unconditional love in my heart to the food / water in my hand, and thank the creator for the beautiful creation, the delicious food and the manna.


Using the language of spiritual love can purify and enhance the vibrational frequency of food and enhance the photon energy / vitality inside the object.


You can fold both hands, put it in the place of your heart, and speak with the soul: at this moment, I give my body the infinite holy love of the creator in my heart, and let my body be nourished and self restored.


[Description: your hands have a magnetized chakra (see twelve chakras in detail), which can be released from your heart wheel, the energy of the divine spark, the holy love, the vitality. ]


Do you know where your strength is? It comes from your heart. We can often see this sentence. Do you understand what it means now? You are the creator of your reality!


Your power comes from the creator’s ability to change the creativity of all things. You can create with the creator, you are the creator.


You can try this way: divide the same water into two parts, one do nothing, and the other use your heart to bless it; with your mouth a small drink of the first water, what is it taste?


Then pick up the water you have blessed with unconditional love in your heart, drink a sip, and feel it with your tongue.


What is the difference between this and the first water? Does second water taste sweeter? The difference is whether you have consciously blessed it and injected it with vitality / light / holy love.



Postscript: you can find that people often mention love in life, but they do not know how to really love because they forget! Forget their sacred, forget their origins, forget that they are love!