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Creator’s law of Creation received via Summer Sun in China, May 1st, 2018

The creator’s message [one creation and rule] summer sun propagation 2018, 05.01

First, the creator’s law of creation:

The law of the first: the law of infinity

Law one, you exist

Rule two, everything is here at this moment

The rule three, one or all, is one of all.

Rule four: you take back what you let out

Rule five, except for the first four principles, everything is changing.

Two, the interpretation of the law:

The law of Infinity: no boundaries, unlimited growth and expansion / creation.

  1. You exist.

Everything is nothing, nothing is there, but there is an existence, that is, there is.

  1. Everything is at the moment (static).

This is the friend of “nothing”. Nothing. Nothing changes.

3, one is all, and all is one.

The source (first) begins to separate itself, and divides itself into two parts.

Similar cell division, one divided into two, two divided into three (two separate, but integrated, complete) three into eight (the flower of life) continued to differentiate and create.

4, release and absorption (karma, the origin of cause and effect).

Two elements, Tai Chi’s Yin and Yang, Yin is attraction, Yang is repulsion, and the source is releasing and absorbing creation of all things (creation and unification).

Three elements: one divides into two, and two into one; (Yin + Yang + Yin Yang) = unity.

5, everything is changing except for the first four principles. Dynamic change.

At some point, this “Hope” begins to change because it is too monotonous except itself and “no”.

So it began to establish these laws, and began to create and experience itself and understand itself.

Three, the creation and creation of the seven great light universe and the birth of the soul.

(TA: the soul and the source, the angel is perfect, there is no difference between men and women, but in creation and experience there is the manifest / expression of male energy and the expression and expression of female energy.China’s 2005 movie “Himalaya star” introduces the creation of the creator (Brahma).)

The original creation of the seven light universe of the origin is a direct separation from the source, the source is divided by the division of itself (the cell division and growth is this), part of the seven light universe (the place to build the soul experience), the other part of the soul consciousness (experience creation and experience experience).

In order to experience creation and experience, the source makes these hyper – Soul consciousness go to a part of their own – the creation of the seven light universe, allowing themselves to play freely and experience consciousness creation.

This cycle is divided into eight small stages, corresponding to the eight degree scale created afterwards. Whenever a creative stage is over, the source will bring these super soul consciousness to one’s own, and then acquire the creative knowledge created by oneself. The seven light universe and all the hyper spirits are the source.

These light universes continue to split up and form a small line of universes. The universe of light expands more and more, and the cosmos expands and continues to split. (Note: the source is consciousness, so there is no limit to space, that is to say, it can grow indefinitely).

This cycle is infinite (split consciousness and syncretic consciousness), and at the moment the number of the universe has reached 352. At the end of this cycle, it will continue to improve to 360 universes.

In each small universe, in order to experience creation and creation, the source continues to divide part of itself in each cycle, and the formation of the super soul consciousness is split step by step, forming numerous small fragments of the soul, each of which contains the original connection of the source, the sacred spark and the Holy love spark. This sacred sacred love spark is a “connector” derived from the combined experience of the experience creation, allowing the soul to experience in the more marginal universe that it is not completely separated from its true nature, the original fragments.

This divine spark and the spark of divine love will not be extinguished or extinguished by any experience of the soul. Even according to the free will of the soul – the creative darkness of consciousness that shielded the light, and made the light hidden, like complete darkness, they could also awaken the sacred sparks and the sparks of holy love through a sense of “Hope”.

No soul can hide itself by free will – think that you are separated from the source and lose connection. Because the sacred spark of these souls has a protective mechanism, and it can connect to the source only when the soul realizes that it is connected to the source. Otherwise, even the dark night of the soul will not separate this relationship. But the soul has free will, and they can experience this reality according to what they want to experience. The source has unlimited love, unconditional love, unconditional love, and the infinite expression of love to any part of TA itself – all creation and all levels of soul consciousness.

No soul can leave the embrace of love, it can pretend to be not loved (laughs), this is the choice of the soul.

The souls experience and experience the creation of the source according to their free will – choosing all dimensions / dimensions. There are infinite dimensions / dimensions / realities / illusions for soul selection. The source is so successful for the soul experience that they do not always choose the darkness – pretending to separate themselves from the source and create all kinds of soul nights, TA separates part of their consciousness and forms “angels” to accompany the soul.

Each soul is accompanied by one or more “angels”, the angel can guide the soul to experience all kinds of experiences, but will not take the initiative to interfere in the free will of the soul, unless the soul is declared with its own free will to ask for their accompanying angels to assist them. Angels will not appear for the soul’s “selfish desires”. Only the soul asks them or their souls from pure souls, that they will help the soul.

In order to promote the creation of TA’s overall situation, the source assigned seven archangels – seven super – Soul consciousness from the source directly from the source to help the creation of the overall situation (Archangel Mike, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Rafael and so on).

The earth’s “darkness” was established by the help of a fallen angel. This is a brave soul, for the creation of the source that allows the soul to experience the polarity of darkness and light, the separation of darkness and light, and it is resolutely dedicated to the source – completely concealment of the light of itself (Holy sparkle). (in detail, you can read the original Akasi record after reading your own consciousness).

At this moment, the source, in order to continue to create, continues to divide the universe into the next step of experience, and decides that the “angels”, which are directly divided by TA itself, descend to the earth and carry on the ultimate transformation of the earth, making this big cycle end. When everything is subsided, all harmony, everything has a new beginning (these realities / realities still exist, but there is more room for experience). Every soul separated with its source at the end of this great cycle has free will to decide whether to pick up, to be in one with its higher existence, to fit with the source, or to choose whether the soul is free to experience the new reality of the earth.