The Pleiadians via Golden Light, April 29th, 2018


By Goldenlight,

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The Pleiadian Genetic Code on Earth, downloaded from the Pleiadian Living Library by Goldenlight, March 5, 2018

Greetings, we are the Pleiadian Council and this information is being downloaded by Goldenlight from The Pleiadian Living Library, an etheric library much like the Akashic Records which contains the entire library of the history of the Pleiadian Civilization, an ancient civilization which has existed for hundreds of thousands of years, long before there were humans on earth.

Indeed, much of the human DNA can be sourced from star nations such as ours and many other star nations originating from the far reaches of the galaxy. Planet Earth has always been a melting pot of genetic code and DNA and the human being is a mixture of many different star nations, genetic codes, and, in some cases, more pure genetic code.

There are also angelic ancestral patterns mixed into some of the humans on earth, such as the transcriber of this message Goldenlight, her genetic makeup is 40% angelic human, 40% Pleiadian, 10% Andromedan, and 10% from Sirius. We are speaking of the genetic code of her being at a molecular and DNA level. Each human’s unique genetic mix determines their star nation ancestry, i.e., where each being’s soul has spent the majority of their lifetimes in the history of their evolution and karmic path.

For example, the transcriber of this message Goldenlight has spent 80% of her lifetimes as a spirit in the angelic and Pleiadian realms, and very little time on earth. The other 20% of her genetic dna comes from the parents (in her case, Sirius and Andromeda star ancestry). There is one who is now creating excellent and accurate star ancestry reports for those who wish to look up their star ancestry: Adona of Star Ancestry (

The Pleiadian genetic code was seeded on Earth to be awakened during this time of the Great Shift of the Ages entering into the Thousand Years of Peace. Starseeds all over the earth are waking up to the truth on many levels… on a personal level, a community level, and on a planetary level.

The state of red alert of your planet is being realized by many, many who came here from other star nations to heal and awaken planet Earth. The awakening is spreading across your planet right now and enlightening the minds of each person that it touches, propelling each spirit to be a part of creating a better world for all.

The wave of ascension is also spreading and touches each being in the place of the heart.. many are beginning to live from their heart now as they heal themselves, their families, and start working towards the greater good. Your world is changing and each of these awakening souls want to be a part of it. This is indeed good news for your planet.

Those who are a part of this awakening wave will be on the forefront of the great new frontier of the new planet earth. Wars, famine, disease, and poverty will be replaced by peace, well-being, abundance and prosperity for all.. as well as the focus of things being on the planet earth herself. The Earth is a great spirit Gaia who is also in need of love and healing, and those who live upon her must treat her with love, care, and respect for if she were not there they would have no home.

The call to awakening stirs within each soul now as the Quickening of vibrations of higher and higher frequencies raise the consciousness of each being on earth. The purge of the forces of darkness is escalating rapidly now, with the power of Light emanating from the Divine Source Creator spreading throughout each nook
and cranny of the planet Earth now.

All that once was, must change now, and change rapidly and thoroughly so that the vibrational frequency level of the planet matches the atmosphere surrounding it and flooding onto it from the Divine Source Creator. Your earth is now bathed in Divine Love, Peace, Tranquility, and Calm, creating the perfect environment for a New Golden Age on Earth wherein each being is filled with, and radiates, the Divine Light of Source Creator.

“May the divine light from the All That Is, shine within you and shine forth from you now and always.”

From the Pleiadian Living Library, downloaded by Goldenlight, March 5, 2018