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Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, May 4, 2018

Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, May 4, 2018

Dear Ones,

You are the highest Light, you are the pure Source. This truth exists within you and you always have access to it.

Know in your hearts that you are the creators of Paradise, that is why you are here in this time. You already know this, I simply remind you. I am here to remind you of who you are and make you see yourself with new eyes. Each one of you is on a unique journey, and your unique journey contributes to the great whole.

I wish to use a symbolic image for a while, an image that will be helpful for some of you. Imagine that you have a symbolic light body walking a few steps ahead of you, which is always available to you, who await you when you stop, who patiently wait while you clean your energies and heal yourself so that you more and more can unite and become one.

But you can not force yourself on this light body. If you try to force yourself on it, you push it in front of you. It’s only when you’re centered in pure love, pure joy, pure light that you can merge and become one. This is, as said earlier, a symbolic image and is meant to be helpful; knowing that your highest self is available to you constantly, at any moment. And in moments of laughter, joy, love and fellowship you are merged, then you are one.

But, that is a truth with modification. What I am going to tell you now is a truth that your highest self know very well, but it is a truth you have partially forgotten in your every day life, it is one of the truths you must remember to merge with your highest self.

We are here to clarify things for you, to make you see your patterns, to make you take the crucial steps into the highest light and truly live your highest selves. So I will back up a little and clarify an important point. I said ”in moments of laughter, joy, love and fellowship you are merged, then you are one” and yes, that is how it is. But I still want to take a closer look at this statement to show the innermost essence of what I wish to tell you.

Because it depends on what kind of laughter it is, it depends on what kind of love it is, it depends on what kind of fellowship it is. What do I mean by that? I mean that there is a bad habit among people to laugh at others’ mistakes. There is a bad habit among people to tie love connections to raise themselves at the expense of others. There is a bad habit among people to create fellowships by simultaneously excluding others.

People have a long tradition of creating common ties by judging and ruling out others and this is a very sad activity. This kind of joy is always false, this kind of love is not loving, this kind of fellowship always has traces of deceit within it. As long as you engage in judicial activities such as these examples, then your symbolic light body is moving in front of you. It cannot merge with you for as long as you believe, think or feel more worthy than anyone else. You should see the highest in yourselves – but not at the expense of anyone else.

It’s easy for you to see what is wrong when it comes to a young child who is being bullied in the schoolyard. If you would be a fly on the wall and see some children bully another child, the pattern will be clear to you. First, there is nothing wrong with the child who is being bullied. She or he may have glasses or is a little taller than the others or a little skinnier or thicker. It is a lovely child who has great opportunities to develop, but you can see how this child is affected, how it is wounded and hurt by the words and ways of the other children.

From your position you can also see that there is often one child who is the leader of this bullying and most of the other children follow, a few stand outside and are neutral. The leader often have problems him or herself, such as anger, aggression, sorrow or other negative emotions, from this or past lifes. These problems are usually the driving force behind this kind of behavior, it’s a personal need for confirmation, to be well-liked. By pushing someone else down, one raises up him or herself – and suddenly this kid is a leader who has a small flock of followers. Most of the followers do not dislike the little girl or the boy with glasses, but are afraid to end up in the same position so they follow their leader who seems strong and funny and shows the way. Some remain neutral, these children often perceive what is happening and therefore stay outside. Sometimes a child dares to intervene and say “this is wrong!” But it is a great risk to take, since this child can become the next bully victim.

You clearly see this when it comes to children, but this also happens among adults. In your workplaces, in your communities, sometimes between your friends and in your families. You all know that it’s wrong and that it creates distances between you. And you should change this, my dear ones. It requires a very small change in your energy that means that every day when you wake up, you make the decision to see the highest in all and everything you encounter during the day and to avoid judging anyone. Its as simple as that. Make this decision today and remind yourself tomorrow and the day after of this and slowly but surely you change the energy frequency so that everybody can let go of their roles as oppressors or victims.

Seeing the highest in someone does not mean you should love something you do not like, not at all, but it means to realize that even in the ones you do not like, there is a core of pure light. If you actually dislike someone, you should leave the place or person, but in general, this should be a fairly simple shift for all of you to do in your everyday life. When you walk down a street and see people coming towards you, be confident in your heart that they all carry the light within themselves. This will make your walk more fun and enjoyable and this conviction will actually affects those you meet.

In this way the light is spread, In this way the frequencies are increased, in this way you take steps closer to the fusion with your light body.

A few days ago Mia was to take the subway. As she walked into the wagon she saw a glimpse of a young woman whom she immediately felt was in a difficult situation. Mia sat down with her back towards the young woman, partly because the subway was full and the seat was free, but also because the quick picture she had of the young woman was painful. Mia is, like many of you, very sensitive to energies. And in one moment she saw glimpses of what this young woman suffered from fears, insecurity, condemnation and contempt. Parallel with this she felt the pure soul of the young woman.

The subway car was full of people. As soon as the doors closed and the train began to roll, Mia heard the young woman’s voice speaking. She knew it was her voice without turning and she heard her saying that she was homeless and the home for homeless women were full for the night and she asked for money so she could rent a room overnight. Mia could not do much about the situation, she closed her eyes and went into her heart and prayed for this young woman to find a way out of the difficult situation she was in.

Why was the young woman in this situation? What had happened to her? Mia did not focus on these questions – she focused on praying. She prayed for this young woman and she did it by seeing the young woman filled with light, with joy, with love. And when the young woman passed Mia with her outstretched hand, Mia gave the money she had in her pocket and smiled at the young woman and saw her straight in her eyes. Their eyes met and Mia felt a relief in her heart, for she felt that the young woman was receptive to the light. The young woman’s face was illuminated, not so much for the money, but because she felt the love Mia sent her, she was filled with hope when she looked into Mia’s kind eyes, and for a moment everything brightened up for her, for a moment she was filled with faith in a bright future for herself.

Mia did not search for this situation, but when she realized that it occurred in her life, she connected herself to the heart and followed the path that the heart showed. She prayed to us, she called for the women’s angels and all of Light and Love that belonged to the woman and asked us to bless the woman’s path and this was the best she could do in this situation, both for herself and for the young woman. Mia´s request was granted, as all prayers anchored in the light are.

If you live in a big city, you can not give money to every beggar you meet and this is not my point, my point is to see the highest in all people.

It may be harder to feel love if you meet a person who has put up a lot of defenses around him or herself, who have an aggressive behavior or similar. How to handle this? Each situation is unique and I can not give a general answer. I can only say that your heart is your best guide, your heart always show you the right way. So first and foremost, you must have a strong and well-founded relationship with your heart. Once you have that, you can handle any situation.

I do not encourage you to seek out situations of this kind. This is a guide about how to deal with this type of situation that may emerge in your contrasting world. Sometimes your heart may tell you to leave the situation – then you should leave the situation – sometimes your heart may tell you to engage yourself more – then it would be good to engage yourself more. Always follow the path of the heart.

What do you do when someone breaks the love message? It is constantly happening in your world and how to relate to this? To avoid judging is not the same as accepting injustice, this is important to realize.

Let me take an exaggerated example; a man beats his wife on the open street. This is not likely to happen, but we take it as an example because it’s so obviously wrong. Let’s say there are several who see this, you react spontaneously. Some will hold the man, preventing him from striking, some call the police. Some will hold the woman and comfort her. You handle the situation as it is. With exercise you can keep your spiritual focus and calm even in a situation like this.

Beholding your spiritual focus, you can positively influence the situation. Suddenly you just know what to say to the man so he sees himself, maybe not entirely, but you open something within him that leads him to the path of self-awareness and self-healing. The same applies to the woman. When you are firmly anchored in your highest love, you say words that raise her, which gives her hope and the chance to see a meaning with all that has happened and that gives her the power to get out of this relationship.

But you can not judge them. You can not judge the man, you do not know why he carries this huge anger within him. He needs to face his anger and redeem it, that’s all you know.

You can not judge the woman, you do not know the reasons why she has accepted this humiliating relationship. She has to face her self destructive patterns and let them go, that’s all you know.

Always remind yourself that everyone has a core of pure light within themselves. So have a non-judgmental attitude that always aims to see the highest in all people and in all life. It can be a difficult thing in your contrasting world to really not judge anyone, but it’s something you must learn to master. Forgive yourself if you sometimes fail. “Scan” your energies in the way I’ve guided you through this channel on several occasions, then you will soon be back on track again.

You did not come here to be perfect, you came here to take step by step towards the Light. You came here to master yourselves, to lift yourself, to recall your highest self, to restore your full potential. You came here to once again create a Paradise, a world where all life shines in its highest, most beautiful selves. You came here to be a part of the awakening process, which you are a part of  in this very moment.

All life has the ability to transform itself into its highest self. You are the ones who have carried the Light, you are the ones who have carried the memory of the Source, you are the ones who are waking up. And by waking up, by taking step by step, you spread the Light. In this way you lead the transformation, in this way you give birth to Paradise.

The transition period is a tough period, but the more you see the Light around you, the stronger the Light become. The more you focus on the highest in everything, the more power you give to the highest in everything. You affect Everything a lot more than you think! You are the Light Bearers and what you think, do and say is of great importance.

You are powerful creators, so use your Light, use your Love. Be strongly anchored in your hearts, be non-judgmental, spread love and change your world to the Paradise you long for!

In my previous message through this channel I invited you to reconnect to your playful self, to your curiosity and joy of life. Yes, I encourage you to live your life to the fullest! You are in a physical reality, what a gift it is! There are so many who long for experiencing the body’s movements, the taste of water or a watermelon, the feeling of taking a bath, the smell of roses or the forest, or to experience the vibrant clutter of a city. Yes, all of this that is part of your everyday life. Do not take it for granted, enjoy it. Live out your emotional register; take in the flavors of the food, enjoy moving your bodies, take time to really experience nature, enjoy the city’s pulse! Wherever you are, appreciate life, see the highest in that which surrounds you, embrace it, live it!

Take a deep breath, fill yourself with pure light, with pure love-light. Feel love to yourself, feel grateful to yourself and make the decision to “Love Your Next as Yourself”.

I am Sanat Kumara and I am here to guide you through this time of transition.

With Love and Joy, in Eternity, Amen, OM.

Translated from Swedish to English by Mia Lighthouse

English editing: Per Staffan