Helios via Iris Kähler, June 25th, 2019


06 / 25 / 2019 Helios – God of the sun


“Beloved soul,

this is Helios speaking. I greet you with all my heart in this time of change which also concerns you because you are a part of it. And the light that now breaks in and shines brightly on the horizon is truly divine.

I am on my way on behalf of Oneness – Love and my mission is to hold the light and let it shine. God – given impulses flow through your being and touch your layers. To hold the light is a special task because the continuous stream of plejadian units and light substances which increase and complement each other through the sun want to be distributed to the earth in love and humility. Spectra of light of the highest kindness flow in now and a feeling of well-being spreads further.

Accepting this multitude of spectra is part of your task because only compatible body systems can go further. So today I want to help you so that you can accept and integrate light spectra. This requires courage and the will to go one step further. You have come to expand yourself on earth and this moment has now come for you when you will be able to accomplish this in a larger framework than before.


Instructions: Healing session with Helios

I’m sending you integration aids. These are aids with which you can more easily let the multitude of energies flow through your bodies. For this it is important to sit down for a moment and breathe in deeply – and exhale a few times. Leave your thoughts aside and relax. Concentrate on your heart. Feel relaxation and ease. See the sun shining in your heart. It is big and powerful.

Now I connect your sun with my rays of light. It is the light of Helios that touches you. Let moments of togetherness flow. I am with you and support you. The light expands and healing can arise. With my love and strength I am with you. Pass on that which no longer suits you and complains to you.

It was a joy for me to help you and to connect with you. You are welcome to take advantage of this exercise at any time in order to smooth and align yourself. Give yourself to the light whenever you feel like it.

From the sea of light I say goodbye now and blessings, light and joy may fill you.”



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