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The Light Beings of Venus via Iris Kähler, June 17th, 2019

06/17/2019 The Light Beings of Venus


“We greet you from the love of all being. We are the Venusians. A long time ago we entered into the service of helping and supporting Mother Earth. With our resonance we bring about a touch that can go very deep and bring about changes.

Deep into the heart we touch you if you allow this and if it corresponds to your soul progress.


I accept the light service of the Venusians at this time

and let them touch my heart for healing to be done.

I am ready to experience their love and devotion and

open my heart spaces to receive the all-embracing love.


With your permission we go step by step into the depths of your soul levels and distribute our light of the whole that shines and touches you. Fears, dramas and uncertainties can be solved. We are happy to give you this service. Light, love and beauty may accompany you on your way. We are the Venusians”.


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