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Lady Gaia via Iris Kähler, June 11th, 2019


06/11/2019 Lady Gaia


“I welcome you to our preview. The earth frequencies are picking up speed. There are accelerations, especially as the ground is now ready to send out the new energies in full size.

They are energies of light and change but they contain messages, hints and legacies. They touch all the lives you have had to remember. They want to remind you of your power and strength. They want to remind you that you are a master. The energies work in divine harmony and in harmony with universal knowledge. It flushes through every level of light and transformation. The *light pathways of the extraterrestrials keep the planes constant so that the light that flows can work and ride out.

Pathways of Light are a gift and a gain. They make it easier for me to come into my direction. Cosmic currents serve to illuminate the fields of being. They raise the evolutionary structures into a new level. Everything is traced, adapted and aligned. From the smallest atom to the largest image of knowledge new dimensions of being will form.

The light that is flowing is flowing through the hearts. Feelings of insecurity, fear and levitation meet the light of the cosmos. Light messages help to orient oneself and to create balance within oneself. Wise ways emerge. Liberation may now be the goal because burdens and anchors of the old must go before the new can form in humanity.

Holding on to it complicates the formation of divine substance. So I flow through your cells with my light. Everything may remember. The light you choose will show you your direction. If you choose openness you will encounter love and care. If you choose distance and caution fear and distrust are reflected in you. Everything carries the light in itself, otherwise it would not exist. And everything is one with you. Meet the light with respect and greatness. So love can flow and thrive.

My words may be a help to you on your way into the light of the whole.”


*Note: In recent years the Aldebarans have reported on the importance of light paths in several of their messages. You will find the channelings on the blog pages.



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