Message from Ra of the Arcturian Council via Camilla Nilsson, June 17, 2019

Message from Ra of the Arcturian Council

June 17TH, 2019

Channel: Camilla Nilsson


I am Ra from Arcturus and I have come again to speak of energies and frequencies.

Many of you can feel the large changes that are under way on Earth right now. It is not only so that some of you feel the energies, some of you can even see them – How they rise from Mother Earth like a fog. The big changes that are under way now as the effect that your consciousness enters into a new level.

This new consciousness increases your sensitivity – Your sensitivity towards your surroundings and your surroundings’ way of living, sensitivity and tolerance towards your own life.

Your own feeling and need of being clean – it becomes harder to carry somebody else as the self is put in focus. The Self should not in this case be confused with the ego, as in this case it is a matter of the Self becoming as clean as possible in the physical body and to live from its own needs in order to face the new that is in wait. It is a tumultuous time.

It is now extra important with sleep and recovery activities as these major ascension processes are energy demanding. The physical body is in a way restructured as a puzzle where the pieces in the puzzle are to change places. So, understand that this is a time when you might have extra much need to be by yourself. Understand that this is because you need to protect your energy and let the large changes come through. You are changing – you become lighter in body and mind.

You become more and more clairvoyant and clairknowing, which also are part of the ascension process – to see and to know. You open up and deepen your telepathic abilities. This is a major energy change that your body needs to get used to in order to learn to face it and take care of it.

My friends, these are exciting times both for you who live on Earth and for us who work with you. Your increased consciousness is not only about what is happening on Earth, it is also about consciousness of our existence. Your telepathic abilities are not only tuned to the earthly channels, but also to the extraterrestrial channels. You rise in frequency and come closer to us to a degree, and your feelings for us, and your ability to communicate with us.

We are so happy as this makes everything go so much faster. Wishes manifest faster. However, to be careful with what you send out and what you wish for yourself. Positivity attracts positivity and vice versa. Everything goes fast, so very fast. With this information I want you to listen within in order to do what feels right for you.

If you notice that your sensitivity versus others has increased then allow yourself to pull back for a while so that the new energy frequencies in you will take hold for real. Clean out what does not benefit you, your energy field and your body. An extra detox can now be the right thing to do. New exciting energy times are waiting. We rejoice and cheer you all on.

In love and harmony,

Ra from Arcturus







Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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