Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, June 13th, 2019

Judas Iscariot

June 13th, 2019

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas and I have come today to tell humanity that the light has sent its first rays to Earth. I do then not mean the light that shines within you – I mean that your consciousness light again has reached Earth. The Earth is starting to wake up to a higher consciousness, a greater light and a higher love. The energy of love is now starting appear in more and more hearts – love that has the effect that they cannot hurt anybody or anything. There compassion has grown and they now see the world in other light. Their mission of being in love and share with you of your love and compassion has already started to be visible on Earth. They protect they nature, the animals and the their fellow humans. Fundraisings are done to contribute to a better life, for what their heart is on fire for. They have found a mission in this life – the mission that means that they share their love wherever they see that it is needed.

The Universe shines and contributes with its part, as love creates more love. If your intention has the right focus there are no obstacles, my dear Earthlings. It can be the trust that is lacking – the trust in your own higher purpose in this world. You have not allowed the light to embrace you long enough to give you all that you need. What is it that you really need? Yes, love and yet more love, until all that you see including yourself shines of love. How do achieve this? Yes, be letting the light embrace you, until you feel that love rises within you. You will then understand that love is the solution to your problems. In light and love no darkness exists and you march victorious forward on the path that carries you and Earth forward until a new paradise has been established on Earth. A new Earth and new Heaven have then emerged and there is peace and joy on Earth. Humans are working in unison for all and everybody and love exists in abundance.

The era of light on Earth has started. It is in its beginning, but the light has already started to transform the dark to the light. Your consciousness is growing in the light and thus also your compassion. Your compassion in turn impacts your relationship to your wider world. More and more people see and understand how their comportment impacts other people. They start to changer their behavior so that they do not step on anybody’s toes, so to speak. There are also many who refuse to take weapons in their hands and more and more peaceful demonstrations can be seen across the world today. They also start to understand that the animals are our co-beings and they are working to create a better life, and that they are taken care of in respectful way so that they do not suffer unnecessarily. Many people have also started to pay attention to nature with all its diversity and they start to understand it has its own life, which needs to be protected and given attention to in the best possible way. We live in and with nature and need to understand its creation in order to better understand out own.

Everything is on the go, dear Earthlings and the most important light for increasing your own consciousness and create the best for all exists within you.

It is in the light of yourselves that you create your new world together.

Let it shine, let it radiate within you!

Much love,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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