Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, June 17th, 2019


June 17th, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Christ and I have just a little to tell you today. The light that shines in the Universe is now shining out of my hand. It wakes up the love energy on Earth – a slumbering energy that has been asleep for thousands of years. Sleeping beauty is a symbolic fairy tale for what is happening on Earth today. Sleeping beauty is woken up by a kiss – a kiss of love. It is a love-energy so strong that everybody in the castle wakes up. It is the love-energy within you that wakes up and it is your world that wakes up out of deep sleeping beauty slumber.

It is the love-energy that is growing in your bodies and your minds. It causes you to feel a certain imbalance now, since this energy is searching for balance. It feels the truth within you and seeks to find its original truth in order for you to obtain balance in the new live that is at your door. In order for a new Heaven and a new Earth to appear the love-energy needs to reach a certain balancing point, where love is the most important instrument on Earth.

You who seek shall find – it is written and this is certainly true. Those who seek are guided forward to their goal. Those who do not seek are presumably satisfied with what they are and what they have. They are then let alone on the level where they are and there is nothing wrong with this. Everybody is equally embraced and loved from a cosmic way of looking at it. Everybody has their path to follow and nobody needs to be hurried along or judged. There is only one way to go that leads to the truth and you are all on your way there regardless of which level you are at.

Do not judge dear humans on Earth, lest you yourself will be judged. Where you yourself judge, you are at this level – it is often a rule without exceptions. A loving human does not judge, since he understands where the other human are at and can see its meaning and importance. They just move on with their lives and spread their love as streams from within them. The love-energy is the strongest energy there is and it causes eddies everywhere. Everywhere where love proceeds there are formations of eddies that impacts the ground it touches. The ground in turn impacts other feet that step in the same spot.

Nature is also spreading its eddies of love, so seek out nature now and then, dear friends. Make the acquaintance of a flower or plant and feel what it has to tell you. Many wise words can come from our nature. It might just be a thought or a feeling that fills your body with joy and wisdom. Everything is alive on our Earth, so take in what is alive. Feel the holiness of all that is living and feel your own Holy Self. Be sure that you live will change when you have started to walk long this path. You will see the patterns, the patterns that are everywhere and within you. Everything that exists is perfectly modeled with a perfect precision and strength – the strength of love-energy. The love-energy exists in everything living, dear friends. The whole of the Universe is sustained by a large and strong love-energy and we are all part of it.

This is what I want to tell you today.

Much Love,

Your Brother Jesus



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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