Hilarion, KaRa and OWS via James McConnell, August 18th, 2019

HILARION   (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am your Dear Brother Hilarion.  I am the one that has been called forth long ago to assist in the healing of this planet, and the planet of all of those that reside on this planet, whether human, animal, plant, or mineral.

Whenever you have ailments, whenever you have a need for healing energy, call upon me.  Call out my name, “Hilarion!”  “Hilarion!”  “Hilarion!”

Know that I will be with you in that instant as you call upon me, just as you are calling upon the galaxies, to be a part of this expression here on this planet, and with all of you to raise the energies throughout the planet.  To bring Gaia, herself, up into the higher vibration, of which she is now moving fully into.

And as she moves fully into those higher vibrations, the lower vibrations will cease to exist, here.  So know that time is growing short for the third-dimensional illusion that continued to have its sway, here.  For very shortly, the third-dimensional illusion will come to an end.  And those that are still a part of it will no longer be a part of Gaia’s expression here.  That is why all of you, those that came forward before all the others, are the ones that are destined to be a part of the First Wave of Ascension.

You, my friends, are the Chosen Ones.  But always remember when you hear that terminology, it is not to put an ego statement on you.  It is not to make you feel special, as that you are above anyone else.  For you are no more above anyone else, than an animal is above an insect.  Think about that.  You are not above, and you are not below.

For all is ONE.  We are all in this together, and together we will take this all the way to fruition, all the way to the crescendo that Sananda has mentioned, to the finish line that is there in front of you.  You just cannot see it yet.  But if you open your eyes, through your Third Eye Center and look beyond the illusion, you will see it.  It is there.

I ask you now to return to your physical form.  To come back, back down the Pillar of Flame and toward your physical body, back into the circle, here.

Come back into a complete state of consciousness and circulation, fully revitalized and refreshed within your body.

I am Hilarion, and I leave you now to another who would come in and address you.

Peace and love with each and every one of you, until the end of all that is.

KaRa   (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am KaRa.

I am here, my friends, at this time to be with you in these moments.  These moments that you have awaited for a very long, long time, many, many thousands and thousands and thousands of years.  Some are looking at this in terms of eons.

For you arrived long ago, and you came in the ships, just as we come in the ships now.  You arrived en masse and joined this evolutionary process, and moved into these dark ages, moving from the light into the dark willingly, purposefully.  Yes, quite sorrowfully at certain times.

Because you were in the Light.  You knew the Light.  You knew the Oneness.  You knew love, unconditional.  And you let go of all of that to assist your brothers and your sisters, and to assist Planet Gaia herself.

We commend each and every one of you.  You look up to us.  You look up to Sananda and Archangel Michael, and Saint Germain, and Ashtar, and so on, and so on.  You look up to all of us as if we are something special.  We are not anything special.  But if anyone is special, it is you.  It is YOU.

It is you that let go of all that you knew, all that was comfort to you.  To move into a place of unknowing and of darkness.  Imagine!  Moving from Light into dark.  And then you begin to understand the birth of every child here who comes from the Light into the darkness.  And then to return to the Light again at the end of the life.  That is what is coming to an end.

For it will not be light moving into the darkness and back into the Light.  It will be Light, into Light, into Light.  Love, into love, into love.

All is ready for you.  All is awaiting you.  We that are assisting in this process are helping to prepare you, prepare you to pave the way, to light the way.  Think of yourselves as carrying the torch, the Olympic Torch, and bringing in the games.  But not the Olympic Games of old, and not even the Olympic Games of now:  the Olympic games of the future, the Olympic Games of Light.

These Olympic Games of Light is the entire world participating, and that is what your new Golden Age is bringing.  Participation by all across the planet, all as ONE.  Can you imagine just for a moment what that would be like!  No sickness, no disease, no sorrow, only health, only joy, no aging or very little aging.

Of course, there is a transition that you are moving through, and will continue to move through. And that transition is catapulting you now through the ascension, and fully into your own personal ascension.

For there is the ascension of Gaia coming first.  Then the ascension of life here on this planet.  For Gaia is ascending, and moving into the higher vibrations, and preparing a place for you, preparing a place for you to come and begin to create and do your work, your higher vibratory work, higher vibratory creation.  Creation with consciousness involved in it.  Not the creation of old, creation that holds dark forces within it, creation that holds darkness as a sense of duality within the illusion.

You are moving into a state of creativeness of Light, of love, and higher consciousness.

Continue now to allow the process to continue to pull you forward, to bring you into those next higher and higher vibrations with the higher and higher, stronger and stronger waves of energies that are going to continue to come into the planet.  Until all across the planet are either ready to be a part of the three ascension waves, or are not.

For then will come the division.  Then will come that which has been called ‘The Judgment Day.’ But it is not judgment by any god source.  It is judgment within yourselves.  You are the only one that can judge you.  So “judge not, lest ye judge yourself.”  That is the real quote.

Now as far as your evening goes, some of you noticed that we were not in attendance this evening.  It was purposeful that we would not be there.  Although we were aware, but we chose to not be there at that time.  It is in preparation for what can still be this evening.

For as you end this experience, and you find yourselves outside–you must be outside, you must be back in your circle, your circle of Light and love, in a circle of celebration, not celebration with music, not celebration with sound, but celebration of Light.  Hold the Light within each and every one of you as you find yourself in that circle.  And send the Light out at that time through the top of your forehead, and through the top of your head up into the sky, again as that beacon, just as you did.  And see what can be.

I am KaRa, and I leave you now to your Beloved One Who Serves and Shoshanna if she is wanting.

ONE WHO SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani padme hum, hum, hum.   Greetings to you!   Here we are again!

Let the sun shine, let the shine!  (OWS and guests sing ‘Age of Aquarius’ song lines)

We must wonder about new ones that come on these calls, and they say, “these are the ascended masters?!  Why are they not serious?  I do not think that they take it very seriously as we do!  Why do they joke around?  Why do they sing? (especially when they cannot carry tunes).”


OWS:   Well, we do that because we are joy, and we are in joy at all moments.  Because every moment for us is the NOW moment.  That is what you must come to, to realize.  That every moment for you is a new NOW moment.  And the next moment after that is another NOW moment, and the next one after, a NOW moment.  And if you find yourself living in that respect, everything else, and we mean everything else, takes a back seat to that NOW moment.  Okay?

We would ask if there are, not questions at this point, but if there is sharing.  Anyone wish to share on their experience this evening?

And Shoshanna, are you available?

SHOSHANNA:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We can share.

OWS:   Very good.

Guest:   First of all, I want to thank you all, all the loving Light-beings and all of you, family.

OWS:   Hold on please, this body is beginning to fry, here.  Please turn on your fans on, make cooler, here.

You have to understand, all of your Kundalini energies rising just burned this entire place up!


And the flames rising, very hot here!  (Not hot in that respect!)


But hot in the terms of Light.  Very good.  Now this is much better.  Now we can continue.  Yes, please continue.

Guest:   This has been a wonderful experience for me, not just today, all of the days.  I was speaking with Linda and I was telling her that I haven’t felt at all uncomfortable.  I felt welcome.  I felt at home with all of you.  And I haven’t spoken a lot because I don’t have the words without breaking apart to thank you all for letting me in and holding me, so we really are family, and I love you all and each one of you.  It has been a wonderful experience.  I am thankful for all the support.   I knew that there was one space here, even though JoAnna wasn’t that sure, because they weren’t going to be able to make it, but I felt that I needed to be here with all of you, and I am happy that I had all the love and support o be able to make it, and thank you.


OWS:   Very good.  Anyone else?

Guest:   I’ll make it quick.


OWS:   You’re like us!  We are going to recruit you!

Guest:   Yeah?  I thought you already did that!


OWS:  We are joking.

Guest:   Awesome.  I just wanted to make a comment about what happens tonight.  I am really looking forward to seeing that Schumann Resonance here coming up!    That’s all I have to say!

(Laughter, clapping)

OWS:   Is there anyone else here that wishes to share about their experience, predominantly this evening?

By the way, before we continue on, we wish to say something here.  In that experience with Hilarion this evening, you may not be aware of it yet, but there was a great healing experience that occurred here.   Not only this evening, but the previous evening as well.  In working with that Star Soul Chakra, which opened up an entirely new expression of energy release within your body, some of you have already experienced the changes that are happening within your body.

We specifically look at one that we have been working on and working on with this one for a long time, a long time in your sense of understanding, not so long in ours. But she has been working at it and working at it, and has had tremendous breakthrough here.  And not only in her ability to see, to visualize, to utilize her third eye, but also to find the energy blockages within her spinal column becoming released.

But, and this is the reason we were saying that this is a huge but, here, Sister, we are saying this because it is still within your pattern, within your programming, and you could just as easily fall back.  And literally we mean that in terms of falling back into your spinal cord.  You understand what we say, here?

Guest:   Perfectly.

OWS:   Yes.  So you must believe, now.  Continue to believe, and you will continue to see, and you will stand upright, and you will carry yourself erect, and your pains within your back that you have had for years and years and years will be a thing of the past, if you allow it.

Guest:   I am already standing up straighter.

OWS:   We can say, without question of a doubt at this point, you are healed.

Guests:   Woohoo!   (Clapping!)

OWS:   To the one, Brother, you have taken on a spring in your step over the previous Advances, here.  From the time that you first walked into this group, you came in with a countenance about you that was very sad, that was very low in energy.  Not that you were in darkness, certainly not.  You carried a light.  But your light was not shining forth, as it is now.  And the spring in your step was not there, as it is now.  We are telling you as well, that the spring in your step is going to increase more and more.  And you are going to find that the little bit of (what is the word here…) the gait in your steps, how do you say this, here?  The Gait?  As in that will disappear, is that right?

Shoshanna:   Yes.

OWS:   Then yes, that is what we are coming to here.  And you will find that your steps that you take, that are quite small at times, you will be taking larger and larger steps.  If, again, the same as the one for the other Sister, if you allow for this process.  And in that respect, you are healed.

We turn to the Dear One.  You have gone through much in your lifetime.  A great deal.  And you have had a lifetime that many would pale in terms of comparing to your lifetime, and to the experiences that you have gone through.  And you have come to an age, now, where you may feel like you are coming to the end.  But that is only a feeling if you allow it.  You can rise above the blockages within your lungs.  You can rise above this.  You can heal this.  And you can do this just as we have told you previously.  Not with the machine that you find yourself, although you may need to use that for a bit.

But with those crystals, those Andara crystals that you have been given, literally given!  Sent to you!  And those crystals:  if you hold them–specifically the red one—if you hold that up to your lung area.  That will release the energy blockage there as well.

And here is another big but:  this will only occur, and will only assist you, if you can let go of the aging process, here.  You must not think in terms of your age anymore.  You must think in terms of becoming younger, not older.  For if you succumb to the programming that has continued to hold you and everyone else back, then it will continue to hold you.  You see?

Guest:   Yes I do.

OWS:   We apologize, Shoshanna.  Do you wish to jump in to any one of those?

Shoshanna:   We believe that you have given the correct reply.

OWS:   Very good.

Then we move on to another.  There are many, here.  We are not going to single out every one, or we will be here all night.

But we are going to say this more as a collective, here, to this group as a whole.  Whatever ailments you may have come to in this Advance, if you allow it, they are gone.  Hilarion came specifically for this purpose this evening to bring this healing process to all of you.  And we have done this from time to time previously, but not with Hilarion, and not in this respect, and working with that Star Soul Chakra which opened up the expression of releasing all of the pent-up energies in your body.

And the pent-up energies in your bodies are what are causing many of the ailments in your bodies.  They are energy blocks that hold on to the pattern, the programming, that is in your past lives, as well as those things which have occurred in this lifetime.  But much of what you find in your lifetime here as far as ailments, sicknesses, aches, pains, all of these kinds of things, the force of that comes from patterns from long ago.  That is where you need to release the source, which is the release of these energy blockages, which has now occurred by the reactivation of the Star Soul Chakra.  (Say that three times fast!  That is difficult!  Almost like ‘toy boat, toy boat.’’)

Anyway, you get the picture, here.  Healing has begun, here, with many of you, and it could be all of you if you allow it.  That goes for every part of your body, including the eyes, the ears, the nose, the lungs, the throat, the arms, the legs, the hands, the feet, stomach, everything can find healing in this process here this evening, and the previous evening.  Okay?

Yes, Shoshanna now wishes to share.

Shoshanna:   I wish to offer our perspective on this.  That one known as Hilarion is a great ______ (phone interference) and we find for each of you, when you feel as if you are not feeling balanced, you can call upon this one, Hilarion, to assist you.  And you can do this by singing his name:  “Hilarion” (Shoshanna and guests sing his name).   And in that process, you will feel the frequency of this Master coming upon you and balancing you.  So call upon this Master with ease and frequency to right your bodies and create the balance of perfect health.  Will you do this?

Guests:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   We have two more things to add, here on this:  one is we apologize; we did not wish to leave those on the phone call out of this.  We are not only speaking to those here in attendance at this location, but understand there is no real location.  There is no time and space.  We do not operate in a sense of time and space.  So therefore, as you are moving into the fifth dimensional expression, you will also not be operating in time and space.  So, pardon the expression, here, it is ‘time’ for you to begin to know that you are here, just as well as anyone else is here as far as these types of experiences go.  Okay?

Secondly, we wish to add to this, this healing process and calling of Hilarion, that is wonderful.  But also know as you do that, that you have access now to that Star Soul Chakra, and that in itself is going to allow for the further release of energy blocks that still might come up.  And they will likely come up as you release certain patterns from the past to deal with now in the present.  You see?  So you must release all attachments, all attachments, in order to move through the Ring-Pass-Not and into the fifth dimension as a permanent place of consciousness.  Okay?

Guests:   yes.

OWS:  Would there be any other sharing, here?

Guest:   I have a comment.  I had a thing from the doctor telling me I had cancer and I didn’t believe it.  I called JoAnna and she didn’t believe it either.  She gave me kind of a little regimen to do for healing every day, and I still use that at least once a day.  And I have been calling on Master Hilarion.  I would feel like a mind blowing coming on, or just I need to be supercharged, and I have called on Hilarion, and I will always, always feel results.  He is always there.  Yes.

OWS:   We need to add one thing here, now.  And this may go against those that have any type of medical background in this group.  But we would say, and do not take this in the way that is not intended here.  We are not saying to rid yourself of your glasses.  We are not saying to rid yourself of machines that are needed to keep you breathing or whatever it might be.  We are not saying to stop your blood pressure medicine, and whatever it might be that is going on.  We are not saying any of this.  But—there is that big but again—but we are saying that, in a sense.

We are saying to begin to move away from that.  Because that is a crutch, and it will continue to hold you.  The more that you use three-dimensional tools, the more that you will hold yourself to the three-dimensional illusion.

So in understanding this further, if you wear glasses and you wish to be able to see freely, begin little bit by little bit, to take them off, to allow for yourself, your eyes, your physical eyes, to begin to adjust again, to begin to release the energy blockages that are there.   They are only there because of programming.  That is the only thing.  It is patterns that you came in with.  And if you wish to release them, you must release them.  But do it, if you need to, do it little by little.  Yes it was said, ‘throw your glasses away.’  That is a full-on commitment to do so.  And if you can do it, wonderful!  But if not, little by little.  The same goes for whatever it might be.

To the one who is on this breathing machine.  Unplug it a little bit more until you can’t anymore, and then plug it back in.  And then unplug it again.  And utilize the crystal that has been given. But the crystal now placed upon your throat area and your lungs, and associated with the connection now to your Star Soul Chakra is going to open up a whole new avenue of expression for you to release the blockages there.  And cancer is a blockage.  You see?  You can release the blockage without the need of surgery, without certainly the need of your chemicals which do nothing more than poison the entire body.  You see?  There are alternative methods.

Very good.  Are there others that wish to share?

Guest:   One Who Serves?  I received some Andara crystals that are right here.  I want some assistance in opening my third eye.  And I was wondering which color would be most appropriate.

Shoshanna:   We wish to share.

OWS:   Yes please, Shoshanna.

Shoshanna:   Is there one there that is turquoise?

Guest:   Yes there is.

Shoshanna:   That is the one.

OWS:   That is the one we were going with.

Guest:   Should I hold it in my left eye.  Should I place it on my third eye?

Shoshanna:   You must place it in the position of your third eye as you lay on your back and meditate.  And you must let go of doubt.  (And you must understand that (and we apologize, we did not ask you if we could share!)

Guest:   Yes, absolutely.  Thank you so much.

Shoshanna:   Thank you.  And you must give up the doubt that you are not opening your third eye.  Part of the challenge of each human is that the idea of this position, this etheric eye, is so foreign to all of you.  It is not something that you have practiced in your lifetime.  It has just been introduced to you maybe in the past decade, maybe in the past day.  We are not sure.  But we will tell you that it wants to serve you.  It wants to open.

And, the opening of the third eye is not necessarily visual.  When the third eye is open, you may sense something.  You may have a heightened sense of feeling.  You may have a heightened sense of hearing.  You may be sitting in a room and hear something a mile away from you.  And you hear a bird sing, and you look out the winder and there is no bird.  You hear an angel and you cannot see the angel.  So the eye itself, in your culture, does not necessarily function the way it functions for those from birth.

What you must understand, and we know this, every one of you, your third eye is open!  It is the doubt of how it is viewed, that prevents you from understanding it.

So, our Dear Brother, as you meditate upon this eye, listen, feel, sense, and notice, notice the minute changes.  And as you notice, build upon that.

And we are not saying that you will not ultimately become visual, but do you see what we are saying? It is a matter of accumulating those understandings that you are aware of is heightened, and that is your third eye open.  Do we make ourselves understandable?

Guest:   Yes.  I am a visual person, and I want to see into the inner dimensions.

Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, when you close your eyes, as a visual person, what do you see?

Guest:   Nothing.

Shoshanna:   When you dream, what do you see?

Guest:   A dream.

Shoshanna:   No it is not.  You are simply setting the conscious mind aside momentarily, so that you are not filled with doubt.  And in your dreams, who in this room cannot see in their dreams?  You all see.  You all experience.  And those are beyond this waking dimension.  So you must reinforce in your mind that there are times, and maybe your conscious mind has to be set aside.  What we would ask you to do, Dear Brother, in this moment, and may we take another moment?  We apologize.

Guest:   Yes, thank you.

Shoshanna:   May we take a little more time, One Who Serves?

OWS:   Certainly, yes.

Shoshanna:   We want you in this moment to picture a pink elephant.  Do you see it?

Guest:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   So then you can see.


Guest:   I have two [Andara crystals] that are identical.  I am not sure which one to use.  One is darker, one is lighter, of that turquoise color.

Shoshanna:  The lighter one.

Guest:   Okay.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   But we will tell you to simply begin to practice.  Practice silly things.  Do you see a red apple?  Or the idea of a red apple?

Guest:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   So you can see.   So we would ask you, Dear Brother, never to utter again that you cannot see.   Namaste.

Guest:   Okay.  Thank you.

OWS:   We add now a reprogramming for all of you, as Shoshanna has already said:  all of you have reopened and reactivated your Third Eye Centers.  All of you.  No exception.  It has been done.

Now it is up to you to continue to keep it activated, to utilize it.  And how to do that?  You visualize.  You create in your mind images as much as you can.  Or, if not images, just simply think in creative terms.  Then, in that respect, you are utilizing the thought process which is of the fifth dimension.  Visualization, imaging, fifth-dimensional thought.  Okay?

Shoshanna:   Might we add?

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   We would add that the only thing that will prevent you from doing this is thinking that it is not open.

OWS:   Is there any other sharing, here?  Anyone else to share?  Anyone on the phone wish to share?  Now is your opportunity.

Guest:  I am going to share very quickly too.  I just want to say this is my first Advance also.  I feel like I have known all of you forever, even from the minute I walked in here.  I have no doubt that we are a group and have been a group.  It is incredible, it really it.  Like I said, I feel like I know everyone one of you!

Guest:   You do!

First Guest:   I know!

Shoshanna:   May we share with you?

Guest:   Yes, sure.

Shoshanna:   We will share our perspective with you, Dear Sister.  You have begun your healing in a BIG way.  We see a difference, and many of your brothers and sisters here present see that difference already!

Guests:   Yes!

Shoshanna:   The love that you find here, the acceptance that you find here, has lifted you up.  So we will tell all of you that the love that you give to each other, the upliftment that you give to each other, must be given in the world as well to those that maybe are not so much like you, and that you do not think always to find someone like you, but you think you find someone who is not like you and uplift them and send love to them as much as you can, and you will begin to uplift all souls.   Namaste.

OWS:   Can we add something here for this for you specifically who carries the crutch, the cane, that walks with this?

Guest:   Yes.  I left it in the last two days.

Shoshanna:   She does not use it.

OWS:   That is where we are going, here.  To leave it.  Wherever you go, leave it.  What is your old saying here of your American Express?  ‘Don’t leave home without it.’  In this case, ‘Leave home without it!’  Okay?


Guest:   Sure.

Shoshanna:   And we must ask something here, may we?

Guest:   Sure.

Shoshanna:   There will be those that protect you that will tell you not to do that, and you must not listen.

OWS:  Anyone else here wish to share?

Guest:   I came across a family at Walmart, and one of their little girls appeared not to be doing well.  It appears to be a seven-year-old girl, and she almost looked disabled.  I actually got a prompting because I asked the parents if I could lay my hand on her in an attempt to send her some light.  I was wondering if this benefited this little girl in a positive way?  And if this is something I should continue looking into?

OWS:   There is no ‘shoulds’ here.  There is only what you are feeling guided to do, what resonates for you.  And if you feel good in doing this type of thing where you can work with energy with hands on another and bring comfort to that one, and not only to the one in this case but to the parents there as well, then certainly yes, you would want to continue this process.

But, know that as you are doing this, it is not you doing it.  Do not ever think in terms of ‘I healed this person, I brought help to this one.’  You are the conduit, the channel, for the energy, and that is all.  Remember that, please.  “It is the Father within that doeth the works,” as he said.

Shoshanna:   May we share with you, Dear Brother?

Guest:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   When we are filled with compassion, such as you, and only with love for all creatures that extends their hand and offers the energy that they are channeling through their hand to another, it is never wrong.  It is never inappropriate, because it is done with great love.  And in our culture that we live in today, of course, it is important to ask for permission, as you did, but if you wish to maximize the energy that you are channeling, do not doubt!  Do not doubt whether you should or you should not, because you are doing it with an open heart, you see.  And you are channeling your God Source love through your hands to that individual.

But what we would tell you that is very important in this process is that you not be attached to the result.  Because this one that you wish to send light to, energy, love, healing, may not heal because it may not be that person’s path to heal.  They may be experiencing lessons they need to experience.  Do you understand this?

Guest:   Absolutely.

Shoshanna:   Yet, we must all continue to extend out light, our love, our energy to those that are weak because it is the right thing to do, but we cannot be attached to the result.  Does this make sense to you?   Namaste.

Guest:   Yes.

OWS:  Do you, Dear Brother, have the books of the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East?

Guest:   Not yet.

OWS:   Then we suggest you get them.  Or you read them on your internet, or whatever.  But go to—guess what page, people?  Page 110, in Book 2, and re-read that section again, and again, and again, so that you understand what the healing energy is and how to utilize it, and how Yeshua was able to work with the consciousness within that one he was working to bring healing to.

And he realized as he worked with this one that he was seeing the perfection of that one before they were perfected.  It was seeing it as the perfect image of God within that one, you see?  And therefore, there would be no ailment, no illness, no crippled condition, no blindness, because he was seeing perfection.  And as a result of seeing perfection, he was then able to bring the healing process.

If you can do that, or we will say, rather, when you can do that, you are on your way to being an energy healer.

Shoshanna:   May we add, One Who Serves?

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   What is the name of the book?

OWS:   The name of the book is:   Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

 by Baird Spalding.

Shoshanna:   We have a question.

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   We would like to know if one who has given has a message to heal can be turned upon yourself?

OWS:   Absolutely.

Shoshanna:   So we would like to know that if one is having a challenge physically or emotionally that they could get to see the perfection in themselves.  That would be the healing and clearing of that individual, would it not?

OWS:   It certainly would.

Shoshanna:   So we would say that that is a good message, even though we would extend it to another, we must extend it to ourselves.

OWS:   yes.

Shoshanna:   Thank you.

OWS:   Yes, there is question or sharing on the phone, was there not?

Guest:   I have a question.

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   What makes the Andara crystal from the crystals with which most of us are familiar?

OWS:   Ahhh!   It is because of the energy, the vibration, that they carry from long, long ago from times of Lemuria.  And at that time, those crystals were widely in use.  Lemuria, Atlantis.  And at the time of the extinguishing of the Eternal Flame, and the bringing of that flame as a demonstration, you might say, as a formality, not that it was ever extinguished, but it was a ceremony to show that it was time now to move from this time of great Light into the time of darkness that was ahead, and the Eternal Flame was then taken to a safe place.

But the Andara crystals, their vibration was held back, we will say.  And in holding that vibration back, they somewhat disappeared.  They were fifth dimensional experiences, fifth dimensional vibrational stones, and they were not going to be comfortable, you might say.  If you can look at it in this respect, as they are consciousness, they would not have been comfortable in a third-dimensional vibration.  So therefore, they ceased to exist to those in the third dimension.  That is all changing now.

Those that are moving up into the higher vibrations of higher force and into the fifth dimension, now the Andara crystals are resonating once again, and calling out to those who would come to recover them, and we say recover, because many who are finding themselves with these crystals now had them in those times of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.   Anything to add, Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We would share in general that because you all have raised your frequencies and your vibrations enough, that is why they are reappearing.  So, you must congratulate yourselves that you have worked hard enough to have increased the vibrations on the planet and within yourselves, to have these beautiful beings, known as the Andara crystals, come back into existence.  It is you that is doing that.

OWS:   Yes.  While in the lower vibrations, you cannot receive those experiences, those items even, that are in the higher vibration.  So therefore, as Shoshanna has said, as you are moving up into the higher vibration, you are now able to see them again.  And as we say, they are calling out now to those who had them previously.  Almost as if they are coming home, you are coming home.

Guest:   Question please?

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   When we were walking on the crater, I was looking down into the ground and I saw a whole bunch of little tiny crystals around in my path. And I picked some of them to bring them to share my love with Rita in particular, who couldn’t make it.  Were those, by any chance, Andara crystals?

OWS:   They were not Andara crystals, but they have an energy all of their own.  For they are ancient.  They have been there a great long time, and they have taken on energy over the thousands of years that they have been there.  So they hold energy.

And together, as you bring many of them together, they hold a great deal of energy.  So even though they are small, little pieces, if you put them all together into a container of some type, then they take on a greater energy as together as one, you see?  But they are not Andara crystals.

Shoshanna:   Can they hold a memory?

OWS:   Yes, certainly.  Thank you for that, Shoshanna.  Yes.  They hold memory.  All crystals hold memory.  Yes.

Guest:   Hi.  This has to do with what the prior guest was saying.  Just the other day I noticed in the spa that I actually collected a big container of all of these crystals.  I thought, what can I do with these?  Should I put them in a pouch?  So what I want to know, since you said that, is how can I use those as a benefit?

OWS:   What we would say to you, you have a house, you have a yard.

Guest:   Yes, a rock yard.

OWS:   Put them around you yard, or even around your house.  And they will bring projection to your entire home.  You spread them around.  They have great energy, and great protective energy to the one who is resonating to the energy.  And as you have picked them up, chosen them, some time ago and brought them together, you have a resonance with those crystals and those energies.

Guest:   The purpose is for protection.

OWS:   It can be that, yes.

Shoshanna:   May we ask a question of this, Sister, may we ask?

Guest:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, may we ask what you wish to benefit?

Guest:   Well, I’m asking myself that same question as I sit here.  I was thinking, is this a benefit for myself?  Or is this a benefit to maybe benefit others as well.

Shoshanna:   It is both.

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Okay.

Shoshanna:   And it is not only both, because you are all one anyway.

Guest:   I see.

Shoshanna:   Is that the only benefit that you wish to know?

Guest:   I mean, I think there’s more to it, Shoshanna, so go on!

Guests:   (Laughter)  Tell us, please?

Shoshanna:   We believe that you have some extra ideas in your mind that you wish to receive from these crystals.  And what is that?

Guest:   Well, of course I would say healing.  But with everything that has happened this evening, I don’t believe…

Shoshanna:   You don’t need any more?

Guest:   Well, I’ll take it!

Shoshanna:   You may use a crystal.  We apologize.  We are not at all minimizing what the One Who Serves has given you.  What we wish to add to that is that a crystal takes on your own consciousness besides its own.  So if you praise a crystal in an area that you wish to heal, it will assist you.  Because you are using your own desire and your own consciousness to heal yourself.  All healing is done by you, do you see?

Guest:   Yes, I see.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   And just as Our Brother requested an answer about the Andara crystals, and he can place it on his third eye, he was doing that anyway by giving that crystal a consciousness to assist him.  Does this make sense?

Guest:   Yes, I see.  And you were reading my mind.  (Laughter)

Shoshanna:   Of course we were!

Guest:   But I am going to place them in my yard and use them for healing.

Shoshanna:   It is up to you, you see.  You have complete choice.

Guest:   I appreciate that.  Thank you so much.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

Guest:   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Is there any other sharing, here?

Guest:   I have a question, One Who Serves.  I bought one on E-Bay several months ago.  It’s a beautiful turquoise green, and it’s perfectly done, it’s a perfect shape.

Shoshanna:   Is it round?

Guest:   It has a tip on it, but it is rubbed, it is not faceted in any way.  But it is so perfect, and I hear there are a lot of Andara crystals that are sold as such which are made out of glass.  And I would love to know whether mine is or not.  It was only $10.00, so I’m not sure at all.  I don’t quite know.

OWS:   That depends on the resonance for you.  If you feel it resonates for you and has called to you.  That is not where it came from.  Anybody could have sent it to you, or you could have found it somewhere, or in a store someplace, or whatever it might be.  Or as in your case, you say you bought it on E-Bay, whatever it might be.  If it called to you, then it is for you.  If it resonates for you.

Now, if you wonder if it is real, if it is really an Andara crystal, ask it.

Guest:   Yeah, ok.

OWS:   It will answer to you.  If you can hear it.

Guest:   And if it is not?

OWS:   If it is not, it will not answer in the understanding that you are looking for.

Guest:   Okay.

Shoshanna:   May we ask a question of you, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Of course.

Shoshanna:   What did you purchase this crystal for?

Guest:   Because I had read so much about Andara crystals and I really wanted one.

Shoshanna:   And what were you hoping that it would do for you?

Guest:   I would like to have it on my nightstand, or under my pillow, actually, where I have sent all of my thoughts.

Shoshanna:   And what you were hoping it would benefit you in, what would it do for you?

Guest:   Yes, open my third eye, heal, bring out the best in me. .

Shoshanna:   Are you doing that now?

Guest:   What do you mean, now?

Shoshanna:   Are you doing your best?

Guest:   Right now, at this moment?

Shoshanna:   Are you doing your best?  Because a crystal cannot bring out the best in you.  You must do that.

OWS:   It is an amplifier.

Shoshanna:   Did it amplify for you?

Guest:   I don’t know if it is the crystal, or if it is me, if it’s the air, I have no idea.

Shoshanna:   Does it matter?

Guest:   No.  It’s not harming me.

Shoshanna:   Yes.  It does not matter.  What we are driving at is many purchase these items to give them the strength to be something that they are not.  When all along it is your consciousness that you are giving to the crystal that causes the crystal to give back to you that which you wish for.


Shoshanna:   Do you understand this?  So the individual that does not have the consciousness to create what that individual is wishing for, the crystal cannot amplify it.  Does that make sense to you?


Shoshanna:   That individual that has the crystal, the crystal cannot assist the individual in achieving that which the individual wishes to achieve, unless the consciousness within the individual is there to begin with.

You see, so we know that each one of you wishes to be the best that you can be.  Is this not true?

Guests:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   So the crystal will assist you, because that is your consciousness.  If you do not have a consciousness to heal, no crystal can heal you.  Do you see?

Guests:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   We are sorry this puzzling, but this is important information.

Guest:  So what is the best thing to do with it?

Shoshanna:   The best thing to do with it is to use it the way you wish to use it.  To put it on my third eye as I lay down, as well?

Shoshanna:   Do you wish to do that?

Guest:   I haven’t done that yet.

Shoshanna:   You can do whatever you wish to do.  It is not within our power to give these instructions.  And you must try, and you must choose.   That is our information.

Guest:  Ok.  I will take it seriously from now on.

Shoshanna:   Yes.   You are a goddess!

Guest:   Thank you.

Another Guest:   She is.  She is an angel.  A beautiful goddess.

OWS:   At this point now, we need to release channel, as channel is growing somewhat tired, here, and needs to prepare for next experience when you are outside.  Will bring through another at that point as well as the experience is occurring.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

Guests:   Shanti.  Peace be with you

Channeled by James McConnell



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