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Athena via galaxygirl, September 8th with VIDEO, 2019

Athena ~ galaxygirl   9/8/2019


I am Athena, goddess of light. I work with this one and with many others, overlighting, overseeing, assisting. I am also fully embodied in this time stream. There is much to discuss, much to learn from the experiment of Gaia’s ascension and much to heal from regarding past woundings. We fully support you in the higher dimensional realms of light. We are all working full steam ahead on the project of your ascension. You have tremendous support. We welcome your requests and respectful suggestions. We too remember the frustrations of embodiment behind the veil. The feeling of abandonment is a very real one, and we view this with respect and understanding. But know that it is not true. You are fully supported in every aspect and every measure is being taken to ensure your success. You are tremendously loved. You are tremendously valued. You are the treasure chest of heaven in form and we all love you very much. I have been represented over time falsely, as one who is detached, fierce, uncaring. I assure you friends that I, Athena, care very much for the ascension of humanity and am working alongside the Pleiadian teams and many others to lend my mettle to the fight, to the unveiling, to the revealing of light. Much darkness has been trimmed away, transformed into light. The remaining ones are cooking in their own heat of panic. Their pot is boiling. Simmering. Soon you will be walking barefoot across green fields, free and at peace. But until then, there is much work to be done, and my friends, you are doing it. Bows and arrows at the ready, we lend our light, our fortitude. We stand beside you, one, in solidarity of purpose. We serve the Great Mother, the Great Father. We serve the light.

I am Athena, goddess of light, of all good things. I too have experimented with the dark, we all have. To become wise in the ways of light, one must have something to choose against. I have chosen the light, and I stand with the others who have done so as well. For we all serve systems that have fallen that are in the process of rebuilding. This surface chaos will not always remain so. The light is coming. The light is here, it is within you friends. Ground it into Gaia’s heart and let us rise together, one.

I am Athena. I have spoken. Work with me. I am eager for new students of the way. I bow to you and extend my hand in peace.

~ galaxygirl