Love is our new reality

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Horus via Nancy Tate, July 16th, 2018

Wake up Call: Horus, July 16, 2018

There is something coming for all of you around the world, and it is something that you have not expected would come in the way it will be given to you. It is a time for the newness of your ability to give essence to the inner voice that you have and to give it the pleasure that you know it will have when it comes to the voice of the people who see and hear what the message is about.

As you go into the next times of your existence on earth you will realize that what is taking place now was in the cards for what is coming in the next weeks and months. It is a time for the existence of the outer worlds to come and let you know what this world of earth has been all about. It is time for you all to see the changes that are taking place in these times to be the ones that are to be setting you free and allowing you to present yourselves in the essence of who you truly are and why you are in this expression of what has been taking place, and why you are in such turmoil right now. It will all flow away into a new essence of peace, strength in truth and the tranquility of living in the truth of the joyful new life that you will be creating.

This is just a prelude to what I will be bringing to you through this one, and it is part of what you have been preparing yourselves for as you have been clearing out all of the old stuff and making way for the newness of the expressions of who you truly are.

I leave you now with utmost Love and tranquility in the expression of the truthfulness, as you will recognize very soon. Love to you all, I am Horus and I truly Love you all!

Thanks dear Horus!

With Love,
Nancy Tate