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The Pleiadians via Helena Öhrström, July 16th, 2018


Monday, July 16th, 2018

Channel: Helena Öhrström



You will now learn to live in peace. Your planet has been at war for a VERY long time. For this reason the change towards peace is a very revolutionary change to be adopted all the way down to the depth of your souls, your body’s memory and DNA. The war is within each and every one of you. Sometimes this war is a larger battle that is waged and sometimes a smaller one.

You are so used to this war within you that you cannot see the struggle that is going on. The war unnecessarily takes power from your shining souls and bodies. One could say that it wears on you. There are many tales and stories on your Earth that you tell to each other. These tales are about the war that you all carry within yourselves. We want to give you examples of these tales and stories and move this war forward in order to make it more visible. In this way you can understand more about this war. In almost all fairy tales you find the battle between good and evil, darkness and light. A battle about who will eventually win. This battle and war about what will win can be seen as a symbolic picture of the war and darkness that fights against the light and peace within you.

You can look at films, listen to stories and read books over and over again about this topic. You hope that the light and the good guys will win. All of a sudden the forces of darkness of the war have penetrated the light – as a thief in the night. You might not know how to protect yourself from these forces. There is so much on your planet that disturbs your PEACE with yourselves and each other. Peace should come from a heart that is clear and clean, as the crystal in water.

You have lived many lives with the darkness and the war as rulers – sometimes more and sometimes less. In all the lives that you have lived there are similar themes – the same feelings that are repeated. We want you to see and understand that you can let go of threads and themes of similar themes. And also of events where the feeling is the answer to what you would learn and become aware of.

The times that you live in now are fantastic times. Everything is available for you if you wish to bring it forth from inside you. You stand on the threshold to a new existence – a new era with yourself and your planet. Open up your heart in gratitude and the light will shine in order to win the battle that has gone on SO long.

You read stories for your children. Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderalla, Pomperipossa, The Ugly Duckling, The Three Goats and so on. All of these fairy tales are tales of how you battle with darkness and war. They can be likened to the dreams that you dream during the night and are part of yourself that act in different roles. The dreams give you information in order to move on and out of a situation and towards a development.

In the same way you can see the fairly tales as communicators. The fairy tales tell you symbolically about all the parts you carry within you. From this consciousness you can then see the parts that create wars within you. This leads you to be able to create the peace that you so long have longed for. Part of the war you can see all around you. It can be other people’s words and actions – words, thoughts, actions and feelings that are expressed in different ways. Sometimes the expressions become a war. It is like a mirror that reflects back to what exists within you and vice versa.

When you start your cleansing and transformation, it is also this that is mirrored back to you. You get mirrored back to you where you yourself are. It gives you a picture of where you are in your transformation and change. Focus on the light within you, then it is this that is mirrored back to you. See the beauty and the love and this is mirrored back to you.

You are all beings of light. You were once born from the light and to the light you will one day return. We want that the crystal within you will shine and radiate – shine from love and joy. It is the joy, the love and the peace that should imbue your words, thoughts, feelings, actions and consciousness. Your Earth has waited for a very long time for this time that now has arrived. You can hear her breathe a big sigh of relief – sigh of gratitude that the time has come after all the wars that have been waged on her body and still are. Her body is full of scars and wounds from all these wars. Earth will heal now. The wars will cease. Now also you will heal dear human children.

Give your tears and pain to Earth. She uses this to heal and cure all the wounds she has – all the forests that have been devastated, all the oceans that have been polluted as well as the air you all breathe and that daily is dirtied from one thing or another. Lift your eyes to the skies to see what is going on. There are large white streaks that you call CHEMTRAILS. They destroy, pollute and poison the air, the water, the earth, the animals and the people.

This is one of the wars that is ongoing and which has been going on for a long time. Many of you do not even want to hear or see, nor feel or know. In this slumber and war energies that you have been in it is time for you to WAKE UP. You are to wake up for a transformation and change of a planet for the light, love and peace. A job is waiting – to turn all the war and darkness to light and love.

Greetings from the Pleiadians.


Channel: Helena Öhrström/ Star Dragonheart




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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