Love is our new reality

Serapis Bey via Genoveva Coyle, August 10th, 2018


You know with every fiber of your being how to do it; however, you need to trust yourselves

Greetings dearest hearts! I AM Serapis Bey. I am your friend and family, your teacher, your ally. Some call me the disciplinarian, but I am saying to you that I am only your guide, and quite a gentle teacher for the ones that are willing to expand their consciousness further, to refine and get in closer touch with their truth and knowing.

All of you here are ready for this Ph.D. class. All of you have this intense desire to delve more deeply and to tune finely into the mysteries of life, and in the process to serve the Mother more efficiently.

This passion and yearning to be more of the love that you are is very clear to me, for you are setting this intention every day, and yes, of course, you have been admitted and accepted into my class with open arms, with glee and joy.

So, let’s begin this introductory session, this class for the ascended selves in form while living on this planet Earth that is in constant change and turmoil. “How do you live in a world that is still in chaos and stand bright and loving at all times?” you are asking me.

Now, before I answer I do want to make it clear to you that you do have the answers, that you know with every fiber of your being how to do it. However, you need to trust yourselves and then to act on that knowing. I am only pointing you in the direction of the knowing self. I am only going to slightly assist you in this calling of your truth and knowing.

That being said, you do understand that everything that you see and encounter is a reflection of who you are! Your relationships, your families, your homes, your businesses…your physical vessels. And when I say ‘who you are’ I am including all of the pieces and lessons that you have planned to experience and incorporate into your selves. The starting point for most of you is to fully accept yourselves in this moment and to release all self-judgments, and any remnants of a sense of lack of worthiness.

You have been told many times that you are perfect and wise beyond your comprehension. You need to know that you are infinite beings that can manifest and accomplish anything you would set your minds and hearts on. The only deterrent is your limiting beliefs and that lack of trust in yourselves.

Whenever you are in any kind of discomfort, whenever you do not like what you see, accept it as your readiness to look deeper into yourselves and to let go of more limitations and stored misinformation. Just look at them briefly and then poof them out into the light with the wonderful tools of transmutation that you have at your disposal.

Do this every day, twice a day, or every hour if needed, so that you do not become overwhelmed, fatigued and depleted. Maintain that high awareness at all times and be mindful when you become distracted, or when you are using your energy unnecessarily by solving problems that do not belong to you.

You are being given constant guidance and clues that are unique to each and every one of you. So, do not waste time, just take the steps required to hold yourselves in integrity and purity at all levels. An ascended master like you doesn’t need to be told the same thing twice, doesn’t need external tutoring and constant reminders. He or she pauses, detaches, and stretches the time if needed, and then goes deeper to see the true message conveyed to them. Otherwise, he/she knows that there will be some manifestation in form that will be forcing them to pay attention in a more arduous way.

There is no meaningless message, there is no random or useless encounter you have with another soul, and you are picking up and decoding most of the clues beautifully. When you adjust and align yourselves with love and the truth that you are, then you are in your purpose, then you are flowing easily, accomplishing your mission!

Sooner than you know you will be constantly aligned with the Universal Laws and with your loving hearts. And so, no new and uncharted path you choose to follow, no daring and difficult mission will ever challenge you to the extent of taking you off from the observer’s high vibrational seat.

Farewell for now!

By Permission.

Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.