Love is our new reality

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I AM via Oceanpotato, August 29

Channeling 8-29-2015

Dear hearts, I Am. Now that you have made your way through
the door of your hearts, you are quickly sloughing all that does not
ring true for each one of you. Truly you are evolving and lifting
this experience that you have elected, and been granted.

This is a simple thing.

I Am all that is, and there is no need for any fear. The connection
within each and all one, is now and shall ever be.

This experience of separation, is quite simply an illusory experience.
Many have cleared to this knowing. Once in this knowing, there is no thing
outside that is needed. There is no knowledge that cannot be
had, and accessed. All teachings, of all beings, can do no more than help
each one of all reach within and find.

This is a simple thing.

The more you find, the more none of what is occurring in this
experience has hold, or power, or even at times interest for you.
You may feel detached. While at the same time whole. And as
you develop, each one of us draws on a higher pool of truth.
When interacting with “others,” and from simply being.

This is a simple thing.

This is happening, and it is accelerating, and it is done for
ones “self.” All aspects of I Am are being assisted, and the more
knowing, and activity all one of us is, the ascension is.


Call it what you wish, Love, Light, or simply Being. You are all
assisting all, and the end times of drama, separation, and
selfishness is at hand in this realm. Many still cling to “The little me,”
for fear of loosing self. Still in illusion, not in the knowing that self
is all that is.

No matter how “trapped,” many may be, all shall see. Loving
Unity is truth, and all you whom have learn/remembered
this truth assist all to find/remember it within “themselves.”

Ask for assistance in any resistance, and struggle you face
and go within the space and silence in our connected core,
to the being that we are, and let it go.

It is a simple thing, at times difficult to re remember.

I Am.

message free to all one of us.