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Intel Report – Enough Cabal Children… Enough… – June 23, 2016

Intel Report – Enough Cabal Children… Enough… – June 23, 2016

Enough Cabal Children… Enough…

The GCR/RV as agreed to by 195 nations via the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, is not only ready and set to go, it’s been implemented and is functioning at this very moment.
So what’s the hold up you ask?
Disillusioned cabal children who refuse to surrender in the face of immanent defeat.  Who are they?  Well, they are generational trained members of what they believe to be a superior secrete family (i.e. cabal), that in reality are just misbehaving minions unable to accept that the universe has “flipped the era switch” and replaced their imposed darkness way of life with heavenly white light and freedom.
The cabal is really just a genetically inferior race not organic to this earth, yet they insist within their own inner circles they are a “royal bloodline” that sincerely believes they are superior in every way over humanity via birthright, and thus are benevolent rulers of all peoples, lands and resources of our planet.
I know that sounds absurdly bizarre, but this actually what they believe… so go with it until the end of this post.
They also believe they know better than the Creator Source of All who made them, as to who, what, where, when, why the planet and human race should evolve.  And here’s the best part, they believe it so much, as did their parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents… they insist their genetic history dates all the way back to Atlantis, where they believe they originated by some self-appointed divine universal order.
Crazy, right?  Of course it is.  But this is their perceived reality, these lost cabal children.  And so real it’s real for them, in fact, they are willing to die for this lie, as well as publicly embarrass themselves at every turn, in front of every camera, and eventually be revealed as bold faced liars who refused to let humanity be blessed financially in favor of going against their family’s secrete and sacred oath.  They choose rather to defend the grand cabal illusion, even when they know the writing of their demise is on the wall… this after many of their cabal family members have already been indicted, arrested, sent to prison, or worse… escorted out of existence or off planet for re-calibration.
Still hard to believe?  Wait, it gets better… just stick with me until the end of post.  You’ll love the hook I sear.
These cabal children would rather “die with the lie”, than live as equals with their “human slaves” being as powerful or more.  Insane sure, but utterly true in their heart of hearts.  And so they make us wait for our blessing through a serious of false flag chaos events in attempt to divert our unifying focus, which they hope will buy time to regroup and come up with a pathway back into ultimate control over the species and planet.
And this is precisely why we are not in the banks yet, harvesting our prophecy promised Christ financial blessing, as this old controlling powers refuse to completely surrender to a clearly more powerful, smarter, better organized and military benevolent grouping of nations.  The Hun race instead chooses to wait out these misbehaving cabal children until they completely flame out, leaving no doubt who is charge for all to see.
Now a few die hard cabal children still refuse to accept their dark nobility Pindar (occult spiritual leader) recently signed surrender documents in exchange for rescuing Eastern Europe financially (see Brexit).  They are either unaware or just too far gone psychopathic to accept that their once omnipotent family control over humanity has vanished overnight.
Now it is true they put up one fierce fight here at the end, in Middle East on the 33rd parallel especially, as they utilized every possible infiltrated government family actor and military weapon system available to them in this existence plane.  Initially, they attempted to sabotage and destroy every nation and continent through finance, but since they owned such a small amount of gold that concept went nowhere and resolved in a few hundred years.
Once their long-term planned failed, nothing short-term seemed to work either, so they kept creating little fires via false flag cats trophy events in the hopes of regaining momentum and raging an even bigger fire of chaos down the road.
But that plan failed miserably as well as all their deception, treachery, murder and fear mongering tactics.  No longer are they able to control the psyche of the human mind, thus it make governing our opinion (or Vibrationally enslaving humanity) an impossible feat moving forward.
Yet this is the only life they have known… this is all they have lived for… there is no other creative option for them but world domination, as this is their family’s lifestyle to which they’ve all been trained since birth to protect and serve.
It’s just plain sad (or miraculous) that their grand illusion or “ultimate magic trick” no longer works on the face of this earth.  It’s even sadder (or more miraculous) that it’s now so easy for humans to recognize who’s who in the zoo when they publicly sit on floors in the House of Representatives and throw silly childish temper tantrums.
Hilarious, right?  I know.  But not to them.  They really believe they not only still matter, but that they’ll get control back by acting out.
Oh sweet misguided cabal children of the dark sun, did you not firsthand witness the public fleecing the your Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen or new Republic’s leadership calling out your cabal secrete government/family on a globally streamed media source yesterday?  It’s over guys… like really over… never to return again… so enough cabal children… enough… Lay down your swords and small nuclear devices and just accept your fate.
Oh and someone please tell CNN’s Wolf Biltzer that we all know he is foreign media psy-ops Nazi agent implanted by his Eastern European dark nobility family.  Wolf, seriously… find new work bubba… or new work will quickly be found for you after yesterday’s Paul Ryan interview debacle.  That was brutal to watch — it is no wonder nobody cares to watch your pro-cabal puppet show anymore (aka the Situation Room).  You are embarrassing the Fourth Reich.
Look cabal children, we know you are confused right now, even dumbfounded as to how your massive power base has suddenly eroded without your ability to restore it.  And we empathize with you, as your once dominant cabal family now scrambles to find temporary momentum solutions to reverse trends that are beyond your best and brightest planners ability to overcome.
We’re even a little sorry for you that you’re no longer needed or considered relevant in the modern affairs of man and/or our planet.  But maybe, just maybe, it’s time all of you just kinda left the scene/dimension… and went back to wherever it is your family originates before you are all systematically eliminated from the surface of the earth?
Because honestly, it’s comical watching each of you die a tragic public death now.  I mean to see career cabal children like Hillary and Bill exposed as being completely vile political actors, or worse, human clones malfunctioning in stressful situations.  I mean really… is there any way we can help you gain a better understanding of the spiritual transition occurring now, so that you can look a little more graceful as you are forced to exit public life?
As for your international marketing darling Donald Trump, stop.  Just stop.  We all know that emperor has quickly become naked.  Even you don’t want to see that guy without clothes, AMI right?  Sure IAM.  His spoiled child act has grown tiresome even for you I’m sure, as it’s beyond obvious he cannot critically think his way past the day’s speech, and thus offers no serious opportunity for your family to return to its once former glory.
Donald is not and never was a viable option for you or us.  So please just let his campaign end and go regroup in Central America where the other ostracized members of your cabal family have assembled in retreat.  At least there you’ll be appreciated for time served versus being made more irrelevant and/or eliminated from ever appearing on a public stage again.
We both know consciousness is unavoidably rising now across the planet.  And rational, open-mind people are consciously awakening to your grand illusion no matter what Hail Nary tactics you attempt.
Together, humanity is now unifying in its critical thinking and rapidly exposing your family’s deceitful mechanisms of power.  You are now funny to us, and offering up the same old options in your defunct United States, Inc is just a circus sideshow not reality anymore.
Seriously, Hillary or Donald?  Really. The pure nonsensical pageantry of it all is making us all laugh so hard its beginning to really feel good versus hurting.  Everyone with a pulse knows that those two are a clear choice between Syphullus and Herpes!  Which I’m pretty sure they both have… but I digress….
Yes we know you’ve never really given us political choices, and all your candidates were and still are cabal children sworn to play some role whereby serving your family’s NWO agenda.  But we no longer believe that somehow this group of suits with pre-written talking points will take actions to benefit the world.  We know also in your reality, you’ve always enforced your will upon Americans and the world through our beloved country, population and natural resources.
Well, there’s a new / old sheriff in town misbehaving cabal children–and His name Yahweh.  And His children are rising once again as His truth, just like the submerged continent of Mu.  Search your own understanding as deep down know you know something irreversibly historic is happening and thus someone must also be sacrificed as a result.  Well cabal children, that sacrifice is you.  All of you.  One by one.  And the time is now for Yahweh to make the change.
Very soon all will know your cabal family has intentionally enslaved humanity for millennia and what then?  What war do you even have the capacity to start?  What resources to you really control anymore?  What superior technologies do you control whereby you can reverse or overcome the Will of Heaven?
Truth is there is nothing anyone of you can do anymore to stop your bleeding or our blessing.  You know it.  We know it.  So please hear me when I say this on behalf of all humanity, we forgive you.  Yep, I said it, we forgive you cabal children.
We know you were only doing right by your family, and we know you had no choice.  We also know its our time to lead and forgive our oppressors so we can all freely walk past our enslavement and raping of our beautiful planet earth.
Death is not your only option guys, but planetary ascension is a cosmic fact.  Now that we are all best friends, let us unite in vibrational harmony so together may move joyfully into the loving frequency of our shared Divine Creator Source of All.  Let us return as One of One, so together we may return this planet back to its original truth and His Eternal Will.
Thus, your services as an invasive species of pure evil are no longer welcomed or wanted here.  So either join us or leave.  Now.  As enough is enough, cabal children… enough…
And Lord, when you do judge them in Heavenly court one day, be merciful upon their souls (if they still have one)… for as Your Son Yeshua Ben Yosef once said when He allowed them to crucify Him on the cross, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they are doing.”
Offered in the divine white light, love and hope of Humanity’s Savior Yeshua Ben Yosef of the Nazarene from Galilee.
Hallelaujah and Amein.