Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg, 21 June 2022


Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg, 21 June 2022


Important message to humanity!

I’m Ishvara and I have an important message for you today. The whole of the great humanity collective is now in a decisive shift in its consciousness, your spiritual consciousness. I understand that not everyone is there, but a large percentage of the world’s population is on the verge of a higher consciousness. An awareness that helps you and the Earth to take a decisive step forward, which can accelerate the development on Earth towards a higher awareness and love. It is this percentage that I turn to and now I want you to listen carefully. Seek the light, seek love wherever you can find it. Fill yourselves with light and love. Close all negative thoughts as soon as they enter your sphere of thought. Perform only those actions that are loving, whether they are for yourself, others or for the Earth, concentrate on that, it is your big task in the near future. It is important that you pour love over the planet in the time that is now. You are important and are now needed to awaken those who are on the verge of a higher consciousness. There are a large number of people who are there today and it is they that the Earth and humanity now need to reach. You reach them with love. Everything else just falls into the same box, a box of fear and unconsciousness. A path that you have trodden on longer than you need. Most people are starting to get distracted by this game and want to see something new. This is where you come in, dear light workers, with hope, love and joy over life and all that it can offer you. There are many gifts and there are many opportunities to go another way than the one that is commanded you. Stand open to the light and invite the guidance of your guides, who in one way or another will show you which way to go. Some can hear, some can feel, some can see, and some can get a fantastic offer that they never for a moment expected. Be sensitive to all the signs, whether they come from yourself or others you meet on your way. It can even fall into the mailbox, there are a thousand ways to reach you if you allow it. There is full activity on the spiritual plane just as there is full activity on Earth today.

It is simmering in your world, but this time should be devoted to the light, whether it is an inner dialogue or an outer one. Have contact with the core within yourself, what you call the heart. Rather take a step back and listen in, even if you prefer to take a step forward. It is important not to get carried away today, it is better that it is as right, as true and straight as possible. A slip in the light that now radiates down to Earth can feel fatal to some and barely noticeable to others. It all depends on the degree of consciousness you have, the higher consciousness the more noticeable the thoughts you have or the actions you perform. That is why I now repeat – Be in the light, receive the light (the higher energy) that now radiates down to Earth. Think and act as lovingly as you can. Focus on the beautiful and the good. See the light in your neighbor no matter who it is you meet. It will give effect dear light workers. We hold the light high for you and help you to influence those who have only a small step left to the light, a higher vision, a higher energy.

Well met in the light.

Great love