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Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg, December 3, 2023



Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg

December 3, 2023

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Ishvara and today I would like to talk a little about how the weather behaves on Earth.

Part of what you experience as climate change is caused by humans through the emissions that occur on Earth and in the air. Part is due to the sun and the eruptions that take place there in the form of sunspots and solar eruptions which in turn affect the Earth.

Your planet has also moved a bit so that the South Pole and the North Pole are no longer exactly where they were before. On the other hand, they are approaching the origin they had from the beginning. All together, it produces the climate changes that you see today.

The rainforest is part of Mother Earth’s lungs so you should be more careful about cutting it down, it has a large part in your climate changes and affects your rain areas in different ways. The balance between rain and drought can change, and this in turn can affect many people on Earth.

In total, all that I have just calculated can have major consequences in many countries. This applies to both nature, animals and people. It has now begun to be noticed by more people who warn of the consequences that humanity itself has caused through emissions and carelessness with the Earth’s resources.

This can be corrected and it will make a big difference when you take more care of the Earth and use the technology that already exists to get cleaner air and water.

Yes, dear ones, there is much that you can do right now. It just requires a certain higher awareness and understanding that everything belongs together and is connected from the small to the big. This of course affects your bodies in the same way as it affects your planet.

You need to drink clean water and breathe clean air to feel good. Your food is also affected by air, water and soil, so it is important to have knowledge here, a knowledge that comes from a higher awareness. A knowledge that will lead Earth and people to a greater understanding of what now needs to be done, so that a new kingdom of love, responsibility and respect can be manifested on Earth.

There are some people who have begun this work but are met with greater resistance than they had expected. They had too few people with them, many were still sleeping in their Sleeping Beauty Sleep, but the last two decades have changed that and more have woken up. They see reality as it is and understand that it needs to shift in order not to repeat the same story over and over again with slightly different nuances.

This gives hope for the future, dear friends, the horizon is brightening as you say. People’s auras begin to take on stronger colors and it spreads through the collective field that you all belong to. One’s wisdom becomes another’s knowledge, which leads to a higher awareness of oneself and one’s true self.
A few people can influence a larger number of people through the radiance of wisdom and love that surrounds them. This can be something to think about when you feel like you are doing too little or not doing anything at all. You do not see all the work that you are doing or have already done on Earth. There is much that you have already accomplished both in this life and in past lives.

Dear friends, you walk the Earth at this time because you are all needed and it is your special talent or gift that was required to make this ship move more smoothly forward to your common goal, a new kingdom sprung from a higher awareness and love.

It is with great joy and gratitude that I see all these groups of people, working together to spread their wisdom and knowledge in different ways. There are also a large number of people who are spreading their wisdom and love just by being here on Earth during this time,

I humbly thank everyone who contributes to the arrival of light in different ways.

Great love,