Love is our new reality

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Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg, June 12, 2023



Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg
June 12, 2023
Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Ishvara and today I am more interested in studying the happenings of things that you have around you. Just look at the plant, how it basks and radiates with the help of the sun’s light. Yes, they need water too, the life-giving water, so they don’t dry out, they also need nourishment from the earth, where they now stand steady as they seek the glory of the sun.

It is the order of things that includes all living things on Earth. Yes, it also includes the mountains which many have seen as dead material, but which are also under development and are therefore alive.

You do many things yourself, dear people on Earth. Your hands process things and shape them into something that you have a use for, or because they are beautiful to look at. Some of what you use is living material, some is created from dead material and cannot give you the satisfaction that living material can.

Some of your creations are created out of love and bear the signature of love to whoever takes care of it. You can feel for yourself if what you have received or bought vibrates with love or if it is dead matter.

It might actually give you a feeling of negative energy. Try to sense whether what you receive or buy produces a positive or a negative response within yourself. It’s now your gut feeling, so don’t ignore it.

Trust yourself and keep your gut feeling alive and act on it when you get a feeling of something that you don’t think feels good. Then wait under those circumstances to make any decisions and think once more. The answer will be revealed to you when you seriously listen to yourself.

It is in your now that you can sense what is right or wrong for you and the persuasiveness and possibly manipulative energy of others cannot reach you. You are anchored in the Earth and have confidence in yourself and your higher self to make decisions for you that are best right now.

You are the one who knows yourself best and no one can make decisions for you better than you. Everyone follows their own internal clock and it is best for their own development.

It is not possible to skip steps that you have no understanding of, but you can speed up your development if you have gained certain insights into something that you did not understand before, but still have some experience with.

That is what is happening now, dear people, insights come as a gift from above, if only you can connect them to some kind of experience that you yourself have gone through.

You may have to experience it several times to understand it, but during the evolution that you and the Earth are in, it goes faster and everyone becomes more aware at an ever faster pace.

The experiences are also stored in your memory bank and it is more active today. This is because the collective field is more active and provides you with more information that opens up the insights and experiences that you all carry within you.

Yes, there is a lot happening now on Earth and it can be difficult to keep up with the swings, when things swing back and forth a bit. Don’t worry about it, just let things hang out if you get confused by all the information rushing at you.

Then concentrate on your own inner balance and wait for your heart’s response to everything that happens externally. Perhaps you should not even concentrate on the outside but be completely focused on the inside for a while, until the balance is restored, so that you can balance
the inner and the outer to the unity that is you right now.

You are meant to live in your present reality and see things as they really are without mixing too much thought and emotion into it. It can be a challenge but it is also a blessing to be able to live that way.

There are more people who have realized that and strive more and more to live in their “now”.

It is grateful and we bow before your work with yourselves.

Great love