Love is our new reality

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Ivo Of Vega via Sharon, April 14, 2021

Ivo Of Vega: Adult Humor

by Sharon Stewart


Sharon:  My particular topic of choice today is so-called adult humor.  Haven’t we heard enough of the “I have a big [fill in the blank here] jokes?”     Haven’t we had enough of the “she’s really [fill in the blank here] jokes?”  There are many videos I see with “adult humor” that is anything but that.  Can we stop with the bald jokes? Aren’t men tired of hearing these already? Yes, they can’t help it that they’re losing their hair. How about some compassion for a change?

These jokes are revealing our insecurities.

Can we start to develop an appreciation for our bodies?  Can we start to appreciate a beautiful voice singing our favorite songs? Can we give a moment’s thanks to that person for sharing their beautiful talent with us instead of focusing on the hairline that was, or sagging breasts of someone who has mothered children?

Can we please start to put some appreciation for the wonder that is life into our daily thoughts rather than noticing fat hips, a wheat belly or some other perceived shortcoming of the body, be it yours or someone else’s?

Ivo: Again, this is perceived, my dear. It is a perception that arises out of the fear-based mind, from lower consciousness.

You may not understand the gravity of viewing life with this mindset, and what in fact you are missing when you continue to allow yourself these low vibrational perceptions of life.

And this perception has to do with not fitting into the Matrix.

The Matrix holds unattainable standards of perfection before you. Photoshopped models with pouty lips and bedroom eyes, which fuel body image complexes in both men and women. Wanting to be beautiful because this is the unachievable matrix standard that is set before you.

For men now, you see the magazines of ripped bodies and handsome faces with square chins. The masculine standard. Yes, I have that type of body and I do so because we Vegans love beauty and we alter our DNA to achieve it. If I were to appear otherwise, as I have in other lifetimes, that is acceptable as well.

The body you are born with that you retain throughout your lifetime is a composite of your thoughts as well as the world you live in.

Me: So the world affects the body too?

Ivo: Yes, you must breathe. If you had a choice you would breathe perfect air but you cannot, so this is beyond your control at the moment.

When appreciation of others and the form others choose to incarnate in rises within your collective, you will find that more of these healthful avenues will be pursued.

Me: I find people now look at me as an old lady and I know there are a lot of misgivings about old women that I certainly don’t want projected onto me. I seem to have fibromyalgia which makes me feel a lot older than my 60 years, but I just do whatever I want, wear whatever I want and I don’t give a hang what other people think of it. I have my grey hair and I don’t bother with make-up. I don’t get upset about outer appearances like I used to. I just do whatever is comfortable for me.

I’m more concerned with my health, to be honest.

Ivo: You are still the most beautiful woman in the world to me, my love.

Me: Thank you, Ivo. You are the most wonderful man in the universe to me. And I’m sure you have many fans in the people who hear our messages as well. You are much loved on earth. I can only hope you feel at home here when you finally land and live here, even part time.

Ivo: I will indeed, my love.

I would suggest to people who are listening to take a moment to appreciate the body, the lowest level but one of the most important levels for you now as an incarnated being, for without it you would not be able to take part in your current earth experience.

Take a moment to admire the traits of another person, without sexualizing them, and without exploitative feelings towards them.

Appreciate that person’s hair, their physique, their beautiful face, or anything of your choice, and then let them go. Let them be. Release them from any desire you may have for them.

Do not focus on their car, or their home, or any other material object they may possess.

That is materialism.   Appreciate them for who they appear to be to you, and then let the thought pass.

Me: Thanks Ivo.

Ivo: My love, we do this all the time.

We send appreciation to others we admire for whatever traits they possess, without any inclination to possess them, own them, or to exploit them.

Simply send them appreciation and gratitude for being who they are.