Love is our new reality

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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, April 7th, 2021

Dear Ones,

Your new life will be different, but not wrong as you are perhaps beginning to believe. For before your recent hibernation, whether self-imposed or not, you had a regimen of activities that mostly felt right. Now that you are exiting your hibernation site, you are discovering new interests from food selections to interactions with others.

What was is no longer.

An equivalent in nature is the caterpillar exiting its cocoon to discover it is no longer a ground creature.

Who you were is no more. And who you are becoming is still somewhat hazy. Your cocoon stage is starting to irritate a bit. Even though you feel you need to break out of that shell, you have no idea why you wish to, for seemingly not much has changed.

Perhaps you question our reference to a butterfly, for once the butterfly exits its cocoon, it is ready for its new life. Such is not necessarily true for you.

New you is indeed a multifaceted being with new skills and interests. Yet, your physical being is adjusting minute by minute to new thoughts and actions. In a sense, you are evolving from an embryo to adulthood within days or weeks. Even though you might look the same to friends and relatives, your interior is rapidly changing.

Your transition began as a few cells calling you forward to your new being. A new being that has little in common with your original cells. This concept is likely easily understood by those who initiated their transition decades ago but not necessarily so for those who began transitioning a few months ago.

You are a new adult in a new world.

It is time to move to your next phase of flying from your cocoon – or in more human terms, testing your new skills. But you can only achieve such if you follow your interests.

What is interesting to you at this moment – eating, sleeping, resting, jumping, dancing, interacting, creating? Follow your yellow brick road of interests, for that, is the only way you will discover your new skills.

The skills required by you in this lifetime have been practiced in bits and pieces throughout your earth lives. It is as if you have twitched your nose numerous lifetimes for unknown reasons only to discover, similar to the US television show Bewitched, you need that skill to evolve into dimension-hopping or whatever skill pieces are yours. Bits and pieces that are finally making sense even though such was not necessarily true when you first activated them in past lives.

Your personal puzzle pieces fit together, just as is true for the Universal puzzle pieces we described on several occasions. Nothing you experienced before this life was an accident or wrong; it was merely a building block for this time.

It is time to negate any fears, anger, shame, guilt, or angst you created throughout your prior earth lives – for none were accidents or wrong.

Even so, in 3D, you felt a need to punish yourself lifetime after lifetime. Such can be demonstrated by the time and energy required of you in this lifetime to clear those pieces that held you in emotional or physical pain for eons. Your past life slate is clear, not only because this is a new world but also because you completed each action to prepare for this life.

Without each past action, thought, and interaction, you would not be fully prepared for now. Allow yourself to process that for a bit, and then allow yourself to follow your interests minute by minute.

Who are you becoming? Only you know. Whoever that is, it is completely correct for this time. You have worked diligently for eons to be ready to exit your 3D cocoon for this new you of the new earth.

Perhaps you harmed someone in a previous life, and doing so returned them to you in this lifetime. It is no accident that the two of you have found one another. For not only did you complete that interaction during your transition clearing phases, but they have also given you something you require now to complete your Universal puzzle piece.

There are no Universal accidents, merely learning experiences that build upon one another. It is similar to having difficulties learning to read in first grade only to receive a Ph.D. in English Literature as an adult. Those first reading difficulties pushed you to not only master reading but to enjoy doing so.

There are no accidents. You have never been bad or mean, no matter what images you discovered in past life regressions.

Those of you awakened or awakening are leveling the playing field from “you are bad and so am I” to “you are my loving sibling, as I am yours.” Anything you or anyone has done before or during this life is to perfect your puzzle piece – whether that be a 3D or beyond 3D piece.

There is no longer good nor bad, merely different. If that difference has little to do with your current interests and energies, you will have little to do with them, for you are on a focused mission.

A mission that has little to do with good or bad – and everything to do with shifting the earth to love with your actions and reactions. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. Or subscribe via

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