Love is our new reality

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James Gilliland Update, March 26th, 2021

James Gilliland: The Veils Are Coming Down

Welcome to March madness.

The recent equinox and the coming Super Moon along with the CMEs, “solar flares” the off-the-scale Schumann Resonance is going to make March a month to remember. This will continue through April.

It is time to heal, end the victim cycle, and take our power back. The onion is being peeled, layer after layer and now we are dealing with our core issues. The peeling back is happening with all institutions exposing their core as well.

We are being made aware of contracts and connections that are not in our highest and best good. These contracts or agreements need to be broken and the connections seen and unseen that are not in our highest and best good need to be severed. No more psychic bonds, vampirism, or connections based on dependencies.

This desire for freedom and self-authority or individual empowerment is being amplified by the higher consciousness and energy pressing in on the Earth. We have spoken about this as far back as 1980 in the books on the website. Now it is here.

The Sun is conscious; the photon belt is conscious; the mountains becoming volcanoes are conscious; the Earthquakes as the Earth expands are part of the process; all form is conscious and it all is responding to the higher consciousness and energy entering this solar system.

The bioelectric fields around our bodies, the physical body itself, our DNA, and even the fields that hold our past life memories are all being affected.

It is called the Great Awakening and it is multidimensional. As the veils lift, we are going to see Masters, Saints, and Sages, Spiritually- and Technologically-Advanced Off-World beings, our Ancient Ancestors, the Star Nations, even the mythological people such as Gnomes, Fairies, Elves, Bigfoot, etc., will start making appearances. We will also see shadow people, astral beings, regenerate ETs, demons a host of low-level entities that have been operating unseen with impunity all along.  It all comes with expanded awareness and Ascension.

Then there are the normies who despite a struggle to maintain the status quo will have experiences they cannot explain. If you go with the status quo, know [the cabal’s] true agenda. It will lead to a loss of freedom, enslavement, pain, suffering, and eventually death.

The polarities are being amplified, one is on a downward spiral; the other will continue on the upward spiral.

To spell this out, the global elite, CCP, the corrupt politicians, the corporate-owned mainstream and social media, big pharma and those who follow or participate with them are on the downward spiral.

Unfortunately the ignorant, those who willingly and in ignorance participate with the downward spiral, the socially-engineered, critical-thinking, research-impaired who have chosen denial will experience what has been planned for hundreds of years.

Read the Rockefeller Agenda and listen to the words of the eugenicists, Gates, Fauci, etc., all participating and funding gain of function research, owning the patents on the test kits and the Cov1984 virus five years in advance. They are making billions. They also control the WHO and the CDC, private corporations also making billions on the pandemics.

Biological, psychological, and cyber war has been declared on the people. Do you actually be lieve these people are humanitarians? They’ve lost all humanity and are driven by another force. Puppets for the dark side. This is not a war between parties, cultures, or religions. It is a war on humanity, a war between good and evil.

When the complications from the vaccines, which are experimental gene therapy and operating systems, escalate, you are going to see the real agenda.

If people have not figured this out by now they have chosen not too. Their denial will be their demise; there just might be some truth to the Darwin Awards, where people remove themselves from the gene pool.

It is said the meek will inherit the Earth. The meek are the wise ones, the discerning ones, those slow to anger but steadfast in what is highest and best good for themselves and their loved ones. Might be a good idea to listen to them, the real healers and scientists, those without a hidden agenda.

As the veils become thinner, we are going to have to learn how to heal unseen negative influences, cut cords, psychic bonds, maintain our self-authority. This includes any contracts and agreements past and present that are not in our highest and best good.

We are going to have to take personal responsibility for our attitudes, emotions, beliefs clearing any thought forms or limiting mental concepts.

Ascension is not about eating goji berries, Facebook spirituality, turning your body into a pretzel, or living a half-truth, ignoring the shadow side within and without. It is all about brutal honesty with self, ending the denial.

Self-Mastery is all about mastering all dimensions of self.

Self-Awareness is being aware of the multidimensional world in which you live.

Self-Authority is maintaining a frequency, knowing your own unique purpose for incarnating.

Personal Responsibility is owning your wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences, stop making others responsible for your happiness, your survival, your love, joy, and acceptance all internal choices rather than externally driven.

You came from the Creator, children of the Most High. As Meister Eckhart said, “If nut seeds produce nut trees, and pear seeds produce pear trees, what do God seeds produce?”

The choice is up to us.

[The results of?] universal Law [are] coming; best to be on the right side of evolution.

Are you going to be a god/goddess or a victim?

Remember the only reason anyone has any power over you is because you want something from them.

That something comes from within.

Be what you desire.

Live as if you already own it.

Shift from reactionary mind to creationary mind.

PS. Healing techniques, meditations for world and self-healing, connecting with the higher dimensions and clearing unseen negative influences is all available in the books and on the website,

Be well,

James Gilliland.