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Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe: The New Earth September 11, 2022 

Jeshua Through Pamela Kribbe: The New Earth

by Pamela Kribbe

I see in all of you such a longing and such an inspiration to bring about a new reality on earth.

You are carrying the torch of Christ consciousness in this age and I celebrate you for it.

You feel that a lot is changing at this time and indeed there is turmoil and chaos across the world right now, and deep in your heart you carry a vision. It is the vision, the image, of the promised land.

You have carried this vision for many lifetimes.

If a soul had genes you would carry it in your genes as a soul.

Time and again this vision, this inspiration, has inspired you to return to earth, but what is the promised land about?

There was talk of the promised land in the Bible, and some people thought at the time that it was about a specific physical country but it wasn’t.

At this time you call it the New Earth.

You envisage a different reality lying ahead of you, but I tell you the New Earth you are dreaming of is born inside your heart.

You have cherished this vision of the New Earth for such a long time and now it is time to express it outwardly in the world, and it’s time to join with others who are of likeminded spirit.