Love is our new reality

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Jesus via John Smallman – Hold Powerfully to Your Faith, September 23d, 2023

Hold powerfully to your faith.


Humanity is awakening, and there are many signs of this all over the world.  The chaos and confusion, the conflict, pain, and suffering with which practically all the media is constantly presenting you, while intending to draw your attention away from Reality, is quite successfully undermining your ability to be aware of It, as they do their best to promote fear and anger.  Do not be misled, misinformed, or misguided by those traumatized ones – who are also, of course, like all of you, divine children of God – who are paid to distract you from the wonder of your beingness, your deep inner knowing that you are, always have been, and always will be beings of Love eternally at One with God in a constant and utterly uplifting state of joy.

You KNOW that only God/Love is Real, so keep bringing that knowing back into your awareness as you live your daily lives.  Doing this massively assists the human collective as it moves most positively forwards in the awakening process.

Your awakening is divinely assured, and therefore totally unavoidable.  Delight in this knowing – deep within each one of you it is always present – and keep reminding yourselves throughout your day that you are eternally, and therefore in every moment of your eternal existence, inseparably at One with Mother/Father/God – LOVE.  Doing this strengthens your faith and trust in God’s eternal Love for you, and enormously assists you in maintaining and delivering on your intent to be only loving whatever arises.  You are never alone, you are always lovingly sustained and taken care of by your support team in the non physical realms.  Relax into full and complete acceptance of the Love of God which envelops you in every moment, even though you may well experience yourselves as being unaware of It.

Unawareness is a major aspect of the illusory or dream state of separation that humanity chose to engage with so many eons ago.  Its dissolution is imminent.As you wait expectantly for this wondrous moment to transpire, know that the Love that is Mother/Father/God is flowing to you and through you at all times to assist you and all those with whom you interact in any way at all.  The power and effectiveness of what you are doing by just being is way beyond your ability to envision, just know that in every moment you are doing the Will of God.

You chose to be in human form at this moment in the awakening process precisely because you most lovingly wanted to assist in the awakening process, and you are succeeding brilliantly.  And, of course, it is God’s Will that you do so, because your choice to enter into form at this time was and is fully assented to by Her, and She loves you and honors you dearly for that courageous free will choice you made.

As I have often made clear to you, your awakening into awareness of your true nature, your awakening from the illusory dream into Reality, is the divine Will for you, and also your own.  When you chose to engage with the unreal state of separation from your holy Source, you did not intend to remain there eternally unaware of its unreality, and thus endlessly suffering the terror of the separation experience.  Part of the unreal state that you experience as humans in form is the seeming intense reality of it.  It seems so real because on entering it you also established within yourselves a state of amnesia in order to make that unreal state appear to be the only state possible; to hide Reality from you by locking you into the very limited state of conscious awareness that your human bodies could sense and interpret.  That is, you believe your bodies are who you truly are, and when they die that is obviously the end of you, because it seems that your bodily senses are the living being with which you identify.