Love is our new reality

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Message from Saint Germain – NESARA, September 24th, 2023


Intel Dinar Chronicles, Sept. 24, 2023


Dear friends.

The dark Cabal, our old friend, is crumbling, with each passing day. And the new energies entering the planet no longer support activities that do not have a high vibration. So everything else is left over and collapses. That leaves you with the feeling that there is general chaos all around you. But that is also an illusion.

Our progress in implementing NESARA across the globe has been remarkable. And despite the fat smoke screens, kept silent by the main governments of the Earth, there is little left to close the process of the new world currency, with all that that entails.

This new currency is deposited on our Ships. (1) It will be known as the “rainbow dollar,” but it will be titled “Corona.” That law [currency?] will only serve as a bridge between the old reality and the new Golden Age on the planet. Because in a few years, money will no longer be necessary, and NESARA will be replaced by something more modern and compatible with the new reality.

Also the process that leads you towards full consciousness is being developed very quickly, since we are at the gates of planetary Ascension.

Every day it is more evident, the distribution [gulf?] between those who believe and those who do not, in this “final battle” between good and evil. I recommend to all servants of the Light not to react, or to try to fight with others. Allow each one to act according to their own conscience and evolutionary degree. After all, everyone has already decided, at soul level, their own path to follow.

Stay with my blessings, and, surely, with my Love.

I Am That I Am, Saint Germain. Provided by Ngari.


(1) First I’ve heard of a world currency, except by Team Dark.