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John F. Kennedy via Losha, April 2nd, 2021

A JFK Insight – Physical and Emotional Healing via Losha, April 1, 2012

A JFK Insight – Physical and Emotional Healing

April 1, 2021

Sometimes, after I have received a message from “Jack”, he will continue to speak with me for a few more minutes afterward. He always has some sort of “lesson” to give to me.

Many times, the lesson is something I believe he would like others to know about, also…with that, here are a couple of those lessons which Jack taught to me.

Jack heard me saying once “I really wish I could heal my old brain injury…then everything in my life would be great.” He gently chided me after hearing that, because he wanted me to be more “positive” when referring to my brain injury. He told me to begin saying, “I AM healed.”

He wanted me to view my physical malady not as a hindrance to my life…he wanted me to view it as “healed” already. So, I have begun to state to myself many times throughout the day…”I AM Healed.” I can already “feel” a difference…I am not as angry about it, and I don’t find myself obsessing over my injury nearly as much as I used to.

Then, Jack proceeded to give me another, very important lesson about “healing.”

He told me that, no matter how much “physical” healing I achieved via the new advanced technologies which are slowly being revealed right now…I would never truly be healed, until I addressed all my underlying emotions from my past…issues such as abusive situations, feelings of unworthiness, guilt, anger, etc…and I also needed to learn to forgive…forgive myself first and foremost, and then all others who “hurt” me.

Please know that Jack is not saying that physical healing isn’t important…it is…as you heal yourself physically, you will certainly begin to find yourself feeling better and better, and that is a wonderful thing. You will be able to heal yourself completely from the physical perspective with these new technologies which are coming out…

However, until you (all earth angels) address your underlying emotional issues, your physical ailments and illnesses will return, because you have only addressed the “external layer” of your illness…the “internal” struggle is from where our illnesses originate. So, please read this information with an open mind and then proceed in a way that works best for you at this time.

Jack was also instrumental in “guiding” me to Rocky Krogfoss, a Quantum Emotional Healer Specialist…with whom I have just begun my healing journey, to “release” the “programming” that was presented to me during my earlier years in this life…programming over which I believed I had no control…until now.

Rocky is helping me to understand that I didn’t “do” anything wrong during these childhood “events” which occurred. He is also helping me to change my “self-talk” from negative, to positive…and boy, does that make a big difference, all on its own!

If you decide to check out Rocky’s website make sure you watch this particular video (first video at the top)…in it he “proves” visually, how much our “negative” thoughts dramatically affect our own personal “energy field” as opposed to how our “positive” thoughts affect it.

This energy field is always with us and surrounds us with either a very large energy field, or it can be reduced all the way down to a very small energy field. Hint…you want a “large” energy field! You will not believe what you see in Rocky’s video!

So, as you have just read, I began my “emotional healing journey” because of Jack! He can be very persuasive, which you all probably know, too. I just wanted to pass along some of what he said to me because I believe he said it for ALL of us to hear…because healing our emotional programming is the most important thing we can do for ourselves…that is, in Jack’s opinion certainly, and as I am also learning about it, in my own opinion, too.

Just a side note here…I am also learning, very quickly, that as you begin to believe more in your own Power and Truth, you will also begin receiving new “ideas” as to what the “New You” can do now! I will tell you…that can be very scary…and exciting…at the same time! I hope to be able to tell you all what I have discovered about myself, soon!

I thank you for listening to the beginning of my “story”! I will continue to update my healing journey as I go along in case it might help others in some way.

Blessings upon you all! Losha.