Love is our new reality

Jor-El via Börge Höglund, February 7th, 2019


February 7th, 2019

Channel: Börge Höglund


Hello beloved humans on Earth. It is Jor-El that is coming with a message for you.

The time for your ascension to the 5th dimension is rapidly approaching. Prepare yourselves for the transformation that will take place by meditating and change your consciousness to a higher level.

Let go of the things in life that do not lead to higher frequencies and to a higher consciousness.

It is important that your mind is in balance with the higher frequencies for a soft transition to frequencies of the New Era.

It will be a little turbulent when the shift takes place, but you lightworkers and lightwarriors will stand steady and show the calm that many others need – those that are not aware of the events, which in turn means the beginning of the Golden Age and into the fifth dimension.

Be strong. You have much to work with, not only yourselves, but also to guide all lost humans to an insight of what is going on.

Do not worry. You have the insight and competence that is needed. Have trust. Show people love and respect. They need this in their disorientation.

The book/manual, which this channel is working on will be of joy and benefit all who are on their way into the fifth dimension. It is about how you live with the new frequencies, which entails a completely new way of living where you must have your thoughts under control. It is a completely different life from how you live today.

The Golden Age will entail much more love and joy for all of us.

We are waiting for the hurrah’s… shouts of joy that will be heard among all humans and all things living / all that is / all of us. The Galactics will also join in the shouts of joy, in the gratitude, joint praise of the highest best, to the divine who have shown us the way.

What we do and have done will show the way of civilizations in others parts of the galaxy.

Love and Light are the strongest energies that exist. With trust and faith on change it is like a tsunami that cannot be stopped.

We thank this channel and send you all infinite unconditional love. We love you.

We are merely a thought away.


The Galactics