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Jor-El via Börge Höglund, November 12th, 2018


November 12th, 2018

Channel: Börge Höglund

Hello dear friends, it is Jor-El who is coming with a message for you.

You humans talk much about climate change, what is happening and the consequences thereof.

Gaia’s climate and many other things must go through a period of change during her ascension to higher frequencies. What you now and going forward are experiencing are effects of Gaia’s path to the 5th dimension. The path towards a temperate planet might a drastic one for many. However, many transformative matters must happen in order for Gaia to shake off and cleanse herself from everything that the dark have caused by developing products that people use and then are thrown away everywhere or contaminate in other ways.

During this transition period that can be likened to a cleansing bath with violent winds, torrential rains and fires it is imperative that you start to change your life style towards becoming closer to nature and live with nature instead of countering Gaia’s ascension, since the path she is following has long since been determined.

All humans must wake up and realize that you have a great responsibility. If you do not change and build facilities that clean your environment on land, sea and in your atmosphere NOW, the problem will just get larger.

We have since far back brought you the technology in order to help you. We will make sure that the right people that have the ability and knowledge to create these complex facilities do so – we will let these light people receive channelings that contain complete drawings and instructions for use in order for everything to get started so that Gaia receives the help she needs for the transition to become as beneficial as possible for everybody that resides on Gaia.

We are very grateful to be in touch with you – send out your wishes and intensions and we will help you to receive that which you are striving for, if this is something intended for the highest good.

Listen inside and you will there find all the answers you need.

Thanks to all who raise everybody’s frequencies and light. We send you all the power and light you need, just relax and receive the ascension that is coming.

Dear friends I bring this message to a close and return with a new one soon.

We are no more than a thought away.

Thank you


The Galactics




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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