Sasquatch Grometh via Ann Dahlberg, November 13th, 2018

Sasquatch Grometh via Ann Dahlberg

November 13th, 2018


I am a Sasquatch and I live right next to you on Mother Earth. My name is Grometh. I am usually in the mountains, but now and then I also wander around on Mother Earth. Those that listen well and are sensitive can sometimes sense that I am nearby. Sometimes I am drawn to some place where there is some kind of activity going on otherwise I do not mingle much with humans. The animals and nature is what is closest to me and it is there that I have my mission. I wander around to see if I can help Mother Earth in some fashion. Some things I can restore, other things I need help with, yet other things we need assistance with from a higher power with in order to restore. Certain things are karmic and reoccurring, but we help Mother Earth in her healing process, which also is your human healing process. Everything is connected so one thing impact another even if it mostly are the animals and nature that I collaborate with.

I am much much taller than you. I take large strides across the Earth, while when I am in touch with you I can make myself small in order not to scare you. In spite of this I am still taller and bigger than you. I have fur and I do not think you would call me beautiful, while I see myself as a true and beautiful being on our Earth. I present myself here today so that you may understand that there are many beings that surround Mother Earth and who are dependent on her and hold her very dear. You are hardly alone to live on this Earth and you are not alone in being dependent on all her gifts. The gifts of Mother Earth are for us her clear water, her beautiful and wonderful vegetation and her richness in species. It is this that we shield and protect as much as is possible.

We can see that a new shift for Earth is underway and this gives us great joy and pleasure. It makes our work that much easier now when a new wave of energy has come down to Earth. Old species have started to emerge that have slumbered in their hideouts and dying species are starting to get a new life. If only humanity could stop for a moment much would happen on our Earth that would restore the hardest hit areas. You would understand what you were meant for you to come to do here. You have everything in your hand, but you are still too blind to see this. Open your eyes now dear folks and see what it is that is important in your lives. Is it not your own best? And what do you do about it? When will you understand that it is only natural products that will help your body to heal? You are a product of nature, just as we are, and you need its purity and clarity just as we do. There is no big difference between you and us. We are all living beings that reside on our Dear Mother Earth. She is so dearly loved by all, since she is our beloved Mother and loves us above all else. Take a step back to nature and you will understand what I mean. Use all knowledge and all technology you have in order to restore and heal Mother Earth thereby yourselves.

This is what I wanted to have said.

I walk with you when you walk with me.

The love for you and Everything that resides on Mother Earth is in my heart.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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