Love is our new reality

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Jor-El via Börge Höglund, November 4th, 2018


November 4th, 2018

Channel: Börge Höglund


Hello beloved friends, I am Jor-El who is coming with a message for you.

You have now passed the point where everything starts to go faster towards lighter times. You go into yourself and find your own greatness, which you let spread to others. Some people see others that are likeminded and the rest are close to distancing themselves to those who are or think differently. However, we are all One.

You have all a certain path to follow which has the purpose of teaching you about the path to ascension. Have trust that all that is happening is perfect, since you absorb knowledge more easily when dramatic things happen in your lives.

Envision different life opportunities that exist on your beautiful world. See that there are those who have everything, one might think, but to have a lot of things does no mean you are happy. There are those who are happy and grateful, to be able to be among those that can buy everything they feel like buying. However, happiness is not connected with things, or much money – it is not there that it can be found.

Happiness can be found where people see each other and see the love, those that give love, those that help each other, those that give from what they have, those who collaborate towards a better life, a better inner life where love for yourselves is a critical component. Learn to see and appreciate all the love that is streaming towards you from many directions. You know that what you give you get back ten fold.

We can see that some of you give your love to a few nearby, the family, friends, people you like – those that you care for.

We also see humans who love to give unconditional love to everything and all. We say and we have said it before, see and learn from them, since deep inside you know that everyone benefit from loving and be loved.

Imagine this planet – Gaia Nova – as the paradise where everybody loves everything that is. You are on your way to this paradise, dear beloved friends.

A thank you to all who work and struggle and who can already see and feel their own paradise

As mentioned, everybody have their own path to follow in order to arrive to paradise.

Thank you to those of you who battle for the highest good of all.

Again thank you for giving me this opportunity to be in touch with you.

I thank this channel for his work to convey love in all different ways.

We love you all, we send love and force to you all, in order for you to have the strength to create the paradise you wish to have.

Remember it has already happened. Paradise is here NOW.

We are with you, but no more than a thought away.


The Galactics





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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