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Josef, the researcher and doctor, via Inger Noren, 22 July 2020

Josef, the researcher and doctor via Inger Noren, 22 July 2020

Hello Inger, now I have something new to tell you – about things that people need to know. It’s about the medical part in the first place, but it can be about something else as well. We are many researchers and doctors here who have a lot to tell. It is actually a pleasure to have the opportunity to tell about things that are happening in the medical part of the Earth.

When I worked as a doctor during my life on Earth, it was not as easy to sound the alarm if there was something you did not think was right. Now, on the other hand, we have on this side of the web a much easier time to sound the alarm about what we think people should know about, so that they can protect themselves against dangerous medicines above all.

What has emerged now is that it is not as it was before in the medical world in ethics and consideration for patients, but everything should go so fast with researching substances for medicines and vaccines. That instead of being a product that does not hurt with severe side effects and suffering for the patients, a lot of substances have been added to the medicines over the years and they have only become more and more. This is strange, they obviously want to harm and destroy people so that there will be a population reduction from lethal drugs instead of people dying from natural causes.

We on this side of the web have a hard time just looking on when this may continue year after year. It is our duty to report whether this procedure goes too far, and it has gone too far now. Many doctors believe that people will have long-term problems after being ill with covid-19, but they become even sicker if they even survive the vaccine they are developing now.

It is a scandal that no one is stopping the country’s leadership from this dangerous and unacceptable way of treating people. In fact, it is up to the leaders of the country to take responsibility for their people in the best possible way. Unfortunately, researchers and doctors have a very large power in medicine and it can be difficult to claim that substances are produced that are directly dangerous to people by lay people in politics. On the other hand, it is now doctors who have opened their eyes in this way to work in medicine, who sound the alarm as so-called whistleblowers and they should be commended for that. A great deal has come to the attention of the people about what is going on both in the medical part but also in other areas, such as the ongoing economic order in the world.

This will change for the benefit of people and it actually concerns the infrastructure throughout the world. There are really exciting times coming and it is only for the better for everyone. Have confidence good people. It gets better.

We are so grateful for this channel where we get the opportunity to tell everyone what is going on on Earth. Take care of each other and love each other.

With love and light

Josef with several researchers and doctors


Many thanks …. In love I earn…. I AM





Comment: Josef died in 2017 after a life of work in medical research. Because of his now living family, his real name is not used.



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