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Josef, the researcher and doctor via Inger Noren, 4 August 2020


Josef, the researcher and doctor via Inger Noren, 4 August 2020


Now it’s time again. Us researchers and doctors, scientists have to sound the alarm if there is something we think is completely up the walls wrong, and that is very unfortunate.

The first thing we would like to emphasize is in the medical part, which includes everything that is about vaccines, medicines and controls of substances in various medicines. We think we have sounded the alarm so many times now regarding these areas that at least some leaders in the countries on Earth are embarking on this difficult but necessary work.

It seems to be very difficult to reach these people even if these messages are read by very many people. We researchers and others will never give up on sounding the alarm when something is wrong. Now it’s a lot about what methods you should use to reach out to people to get them vaccinated. This is to have greater control over humans and also give them a scare of these viruses. This is absolutely criminal and directly deadly. Unfortunately, it is not over yet with attacks from the dark and we can see on this side of the web how many are still working hard to regain power over control and manipulation.

The pandemic will soon be over in most countries, but unfortunately those who want power are very resourceful. There will be new viruses and people will be scared of them again, but please folks, do not be afraid of these virus attacks. Then they will not bite you.

On the other hand, it will soon be revealed about very unpleasant events that those who want power have exercised on people and children. This can be a very large manifestation in the form of protests against the rulers and people want their lives back. It can be a very difficult time for many and there are very many people who are unaware of what is happening on Earth and in the Universe. There is still great ignorance among the total population on Earth.

Admittedly, many have woken up and understood that they have changed their way of life and that it is very important that so many people get help to see the entire infrastructure changed. Nothing is the same again and it is necessary for everyone in the population to realize this.

We on this side of the web closely follow developments on Earth and we are so grateful for this channel that gives us the opportunity to come out with our messages to the people. Everyone needs to know.

With light and love

Josef with other researchers, doctors and scientists


Many thanks. In loving service. I AM



Comment: Josef died in 2017 after a life of work in medical research. Because of his now living family, his real name is not used.



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