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Josef, the researcher and the doctor via Inger Noren, June 8, 2020

Josef, the researcher and the doctor via Inger Noren, June 8, 2020

When it comes to the scientific part of medicine, more and more researchers are coming up with the idea of ​​trying to make much money from cheating. Trying to speed up results to be included in the finished product, which are substances in certain medicines for a particular disease. The disease that apparently gives the most money for short-term research is cancer.

Much has been done by serious doctors who really want to help people, but the vast majority of researchers are too much controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. It’s a cheat. We researchers on this side of the web see how much is cheated and also how very dangerous substances are added.

Now there is a lot coming out about what has been destroyed for the people and it is fantastic. It will be very revealing about how everyone has been manipulated and led behind the light. That’s good – people need to know.

It will upset people very much and they will demand to get back what they have been cheated out of and that is a lot. Fortunately, there are still many who are honest and who sound alarms about what is not right. The scientists and doctors should be honored and celebrated.

It is an honor to leave a message to the people about how it is on Earth through this channel and unfortunately I will return with messages. Be critical and put in question the medicines you receive for your own good.

With love and light, Joseph


Many thanks …. In love I earn…. I AM


Comment: Josef died in 2017 after a life of work in medical research. Because of his now living family, his real name is not used.



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