Love is our new reality

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Joshua from Vega via Galaxygirl with Video, May 23, 2021

Joshua from Vega via Galaxygirl | May 23, 2021

Joshua from Vega 5/23/2021


Greetings friends, fellow starseeds. I am Joshua from Vega. This one has not telepathically connected with me before although I am not new to Team Ascension Gaia (he is laughing). I am ancient as you can see with my silver hair. We have been involved with Gaia since her inception. I say ‘we’ for I am surrounded by my own family of light from Vega who wish to say ‘hello’ and ‘greetings’ to our friends embodied. You are not alone. Although I am one voice I represent my family of light standing with me. You too have a massive family of light waiting in the wings and all surrounding you, for we are all one. Starseeds have felt such crushing loneliness this time around, and in actuality during most embodiments, for that is the process, that is on the waiver that you sign before you come to Gaia. You will feel alone but you will feel this so that you can expand into more of your own greatness, your own light, your own higher / highest self. It is how we develop our abilities for it forces us to reach deeper inward towards our own god spark. I assure you, you are not alone. Many of us have had numerous incarnations upon Gaia but if not, certainly on numerous other planets.

We are a voice from Vega, home world originally to many of you and so perhaps my words will resonate like the OM tuning fork for you. This one is enjoying her Solfeggio tuning forks that she has purchased and we recommend such vibrational alignment healing aids for the masses, for Gaia. We like this analogy for we see you, lightworkers, as these vibrational alignment devices for Gaia. You are the higher light tuning forks to bring her fields back into balance. Love is her natural vibrational frequency and is the frequency that is the creation of the universe. Love. (I am being bathed in love that is sounding as light. I am feeling this as the original light burst of love radiating from Mother-Father. I am seeing it as vibrating light in the plants, the trees, the oceans, the people. Some people are dim, like wispy smoke and the vibrational light passes through them creating a wisp of smoke where they were standing. Others are able to hold onto this light-burst and keep it within their field. Others are having these light love codes become stuck in a leg or a body part that has been injured or where they have an attachment and this place needs healing. These are people who have not been working on themselves or still have more work to do to get the light codes flowing freely through their energy fields. I am feeling like this blast of love light is a wave of love but it sounds like a vibration, a frequency, a tuning. I am teary, it is powerful. I am seeing the animals joyfully running around absorbing the light, filled with these light codes. I am seeing codes of light language that is golden and glowing within this love light that is unlocking our DNA and unblocking the blocks. Some people are glowing filled with light and are radiating light and they are helping the others who are not able to assimilate. The smoky beings are gone.)

I am Joshua from Vega with my family of light. We showed this one the vibrational impact that is here now and that is coming in more and more fully daily with the solar streams and storms, and ultimately the great central sun. Gaia is assimilating these frequencies well but she is exhausted and has been wounded by humanity, which is why the light workers’ assimilation of these light language code streams, codices of information, are so critical. But I have said this. I know this is not new information for you. I’m sure you are eager to hear about Vega. Well, Vega is eager to hear about you! We are all very interested, eager, offering our support, our talents, our gifts and healing abilities to Gaia and those upon her in this moment. Vega is an ancient world, older than Gaia. We have had our series of storms but have ascended beyond them and have grown in the process, further honing our creator god abilities. We enjoy many freedoms that too you shall enjoy as well. Personal sovereignty must be claimed inwardly, deeply. You are your own master when you have mastered the ego and those who would blunt or control it, realizing that is an impossibility unless it is allowed. For you are the creator of your own reality. You are in a hologram that is blowing apart. You are masters of the light of creational frequency and creation. All is vibration. All is coded. Mother-Father use the code of love, of light. Controllers of the dark agenda employ opposing means to confuse, to trick, to turn you against yourselves and your own magnificence. But you are waking up to this and it is only a moment of time now. The dark ones have no creative ability. They only ‘create’ by destruction of a perfect template. Send them light and change their template, for you are stronger especially when aligned with your internal god truth.

I am Joshua from Vega. I serve on many high councils that are a part of managing, directing, promoting light to Gaia. We have been managing the various intricacies of multidimensional mathematics and formulas, but ultimately we are leading with light, with our hearts, for we are in full service and vibrational alignment to Mother-Father and only weigh to serve humanity with the best of our abilities. We see that once the light continues to take hold as this one was shown, everything will be changed. Nova Gaia is being created and is already firmly established. You are all a key and critical component for this mission to assist Gaia with her ascension to relieve her of her burden of the lower dimensional ways. She will be an example to all other planetary systems and her story is legendary and has been for some time. Many thought she was lost and gave up, as no planet has been able to survive such conditions for so long with all that she has been forced to endure. That is why you embodied, my friends. Do you remember? This mission is not as much about you and your growth as it is for Gaia and her healing. You have already grown. You have already accomplished ascension in many planetary star systems. You are the kings and queens, the masters and magicians and so this has been tremendously frustrating for you because you know how things should be but you are still incarnate in a realm that has been twisted. You remember the higher dimensional light. You remember your home worlds where all was in balance and joy. And so this feels like a prison to you. It has been for a long time, a prison, it is true. But you are changing this. You are crumbling the iron bars by infusing them with your light for you remember your power. Your time of healing and joy will come. We encourage you to try to find it now. For you know now what you are doing. You are aware of your own power. Try to have some fun with this. Create some more joy in your lives as you further crumble the matrix with love, with light, with the sheer joy of knowing that you have already accomplished what you have needed to accomplish personally in many other lifetimes. You are here to help Gaia accomplish her freedom, and so you are. We see this all already being done.

I am Joshua. We wish to depart with a Vega blessing. We are sending a download to you now. (I am seeing a crystalline and golden DNA helix descending filled with flowers and laughter. I am seeing it infuse light into all it touches and I am hearing the frequency of balance within it. My head is tingling.) Breathe this in. It is our gift to you.

~ galaxygirl