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Judas Iscariot, June 6

Judas Iscariot 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today I come here to tell you that everything is progressing as planned. This time, there have been no delays, and everything is going according to plan. We are all very grateful for this.

The light shines stronger now and affects the whole of humanity in a subtle way. The transformation takes place inside the human body, both collectively and individually. The body is being transformed from a lower to a higher energy level. This cannot go unnoticed. Many feel this now, both physically and mentally. Many changes occur in people’s lives now in order to adapt to the new. It may be different kinds of experiences that take place in order to get a better understanding of what is coming.

Try to be in the now moment as much as possible and to accept everything that happens, at the same time as you are doing what you feel you should do. Let the heart’s feelings, where wisdom prevails, lead your way now. A good sign can be that emotion and reason are consistent and I mean the inner deep feeling together with reason. Do not let ego to trick you here, you should feel throughout your body that it is good. There is much that can be confused. That’s why we nag so much about being in the “now”, because there is no ego there, you find your answers there.

Earth is about to recover from all sorts of toxins. A cleaning process has started on a larger level now. The Earth has drawn a sigh of relief, because she now knows that it is not very far to go before we all find ourselves in 5D. Everything runs side by side. The large body is alongside with the small body. All work will be intensified in the future, where all helping hands will be needed. It’s good to take it easy now and let the body take care of what needs to be done.

We rise up together and need to stick together now. Help each other as best we can following the strength and ability that we have. It will eventually yield the long-awaited results. Any difficulties you may have been through, will be nothing compared to what you receive. So hold the light high and vibrant, it’s worth every second of your life.

God the Father, want to thank you for your light and your courage, and for all the joy that you give him and your families when you now are on your way home. You have done a great job and everyone is so proud and happy. The little you have left is nothing compared to all that you have already gone through. It is the body that may need your attention now, in order to facilitate the shift to higher energies. Feel what it needs and give it if you have the opportunity. You who work in the service of light in different ways, continue with that, and follow the intuition you receive there. The intuition is growing stronger for all now and it will be easier for everyone to find their way. Be brave and follow your inner voice. It knows the way, release the fear and unleash into the unknown.

We are around you and help you along the way. You are never alone. You are dearly loved all the time.

Be in love my kids and everything will be fine.

With so much love