Love is our new reality

Judas Iscariot received at Lightworker meeting in Sweden via Ann Dahlberg, June 3d, 2018

I am Judas and I agree with the earlier speaker. It is love that is the most important of all if you are to move forward and into the grand light that is on the way on Earth. Without love in your heart it can be difficult to see the road in front of you. It is also a matter of having trust – trusting that what you hear inside you is what is true. It is true for you. To have trust can sometimes be difficult as you may not be completely sure that what you hear is true and when you ask somebody else they say “no, it cannot be true”. Then you loose your trust right there. Then you might not walk the way you really should have. So, trust in yourself and love for yourself is Alpha and Omega for you to move forward on the path that you had envisioned when you came down on Earth. The contract you carried with you down is in your heart. It is not an exactly written contract. It is more of an overview of what you had envisioned when you came down. After that you might move in one direction or another, but eventually you will end up on the path that you heart wants you to follow and if you are an eager listener now, you will choose that path more and more and you notice more and more that “yes, it is the right way” and you dare to more and more listen to the little quite voice in your heart who tells you where to go and this my dear children this is the most important now. It is important that you dear to listen to your heart and dare to take the steps it tells you to take. You have walked a long distance together and you are now at the end of this path – so, I trust that you who sit here  now dare to trust your heart and you that you let your love shine and brighten up the world you live in so that you can influence others who are on their way into their new consciousness – to dare remain in it and develop in it and eventually walk together with you as a whole. You are all one and that which you find in your heart somebody else can find in their heart as everything moves from heart to heart, and this is true as it is written – be in the light.

I bid farewell for now, Judas.


Translated from Swedish to English: Per Staffann