Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, 25 november

Judas Iscariot

Friday, November 25th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Life now goes on, dear friends. Take hold of your life and go step-by-step forward on your path now. The path is opening up now more and more for those who dare to enter on it. Solutions appear one by one if you only have the courage to follow your inner promptings. If you remain in the old in spite of the fact that your inner voice is calling on you it might become difficult to see what your heart really wants you to see. The fog does not lift until you dare to show who you are and take a step in the direction that your heart wants you to. We all must take the first step dear friends and then more and more things will appear before you like magic. The fog around our heads is not as compact any longer, but can easily be moved, as the light coming down has made it much more fragile.

The battle has been won by the many lightworkers that have brought down the light to Earth. Now it is just up to you to take in the light in your heart and to follow the decrees that have been printed there. You have an easier way to walk now dear Earthlings. The dark can no longer force you back, since the light is what is strongest on Earth today. It is your choice dear Earthlings and we are very proud of you, as you have prepared the way for the New Age, which is now at your feet and waiting for you. It is waiting for you to understand that you are the light and the love that transforms this Earth on the surface to the beautiful place where love now will reside in eternity. It is you who does this, dear Earthlings, with the help of your guides. However, it is you that take the first steps and follow the voice of inner light in your hearts. The voice that you know is light and true – A voice that only knows love and is without judgment. There is nobody who judges you in this world of light and you can also not judge anybody when you have brought forward the light in your heart, as it is full of love and compassion. Are your projects not filled with love and compassion they cannot manifest in the time that is now. It is the unconditional love that moves on Earth today. Where there is true unconditional love, where there is no condemnation. All and everything is equally worth.

Observe your time, dear children on Earth. Go within and meet yourself. Dare to see and dare to let go. Everything is good, it is the love that is winning and it is the love that embraces you. Let go of all the old and give yourself to love. The New is at the door and it invites you to enter. The festivities are inside in the form of love and joy. It then spreads to your outer reality – so let the festivities begin, dear friends. Go inside and find all the answers you need there. Do not worry about things that do not turn out the way you thought, as everything happens exactly the way it was supposed to. Collect your thought into one unit dear Earthlings and you manifest it instantaneously. Focus on your heart and you will have your heart in your hand. Be the love that your higher heart is. Give out the love and the compassion that you feel there. When you follow the rhythm of your heart you also follow your own path – The path that is for the highest good for yourself and the world you find yourself in.

The world is inside you, at the same time as you transform your inner world you transform your outer world. We have surely said this many times before, but it is worth repeating. Understand dear children on Earth that to go inside and find one’s heart is the very crux of the matter for understanding that the world has changed. There are many who have opened their hearts today and this way given the opportunity for others to open up their hearts. This gives the chain reaction that results in the outer manifestation becoming clearer and clearer. The result of this is that more people start to examine their hearts and start to open up. Understand dear children on Earth that love conquers everything. It spreads with great force around Earth today and you are all a part of it, so send loving thoughts to each other and reach out with your hands to all the peoples of the world and the victory is already yours.


With much love,






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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